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Default My first TDing a PDGA sanctioned event

I have just max filled my 90 person C-tier event a week before the event. This is my first time TDing a PDGA event (I have run unsanctioned events) and I know there are a lot of experienced TD's on this forum. I have a few questions that I would like to PM to a person with some experience. I own my own pro shop which is on site where the tourney is being held. I am not playing and I want to do the best job possible to leave the best impression. I have plenty of on hand help, the course is ready to go. If you could send me a message so I could ask a couple of questions I would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your time.

-Mike Pease
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PM "The Disc Golf Guy". He knows his stuff and I enjoy playing his tournaments.
Here's a link to his home page on here. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/member.php?u=346
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i've run dozens from C tier to supertour. hit me up if you'd like. congrats on filling so early- that makes things way easier.
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Send a message via Yahoo to skottyb

You are very fortunate to fill so early, that is generally the hard part is getting people to commit. Kudos to you.
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I've run hundreds of tournaments...sanctioned, unsanctioned, singles, doubles, everythign. I also run most of those tournaments at my course that has a pro shop. I've also done the run it but don't play it plenty of times. I'm open to answering any questions you might have.

Obviously we don't have many details from your post, but one thing you should keep in mind is that if you have experience running unsanctioned tournaments, there isn't a whole lot more you need to know or do for a sanctioned event...mostly just more paperwork before and after the event. If you've filled early, odds are you already do a good enough job to make players happy. Otherwise, how'd you fill that field so fast?
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Another distinction between TDing sanctioned vs. unsanctioned is that in sanctioned events, you need to conform to rules, division structure, etc. Running unsanctioned events you may have done so, or may have been looser with some of them.
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You are welcome to PM me. I have TD'd over 30 PDGA events from NT's and Majors to C and B tiers. I am also in California and understand the local tournament customs.
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Originally Posted by biscoe View Post
...congrats on filling so early- that makes things way easier.
Agreed. That's half the battle.
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Congratulations on running your first sanctioned event! I have never TD'd but when playing a sanctioned event I think the key to running a good event in many players minds is making sure the rules are discussed and understandable prior to the first round. Before anyone goes off, I know there are people that do not pay attention at Players Meetings and inevitably there is a rules question/discussion during the first round about inbounds/out of bounds, relief for lies due to water on course, etc. Also, ensure casual players understand there are rules that they may not be aware of because they are not accustomed to using mini's, ob, etc. I know many casual players are out there to have fun but the PDGA has standards and expections during tournaments. Also, if you are having people who have never played a sanctioned event or rarely play sanctioned events ensure they are aware that no alcohol is allowed on the course during play, the use of minis, not flipping a disc, playing behind the lie, courtesy such as not talking or walking around when others are throwing, etc. Occasionaly playing in Advanced Masters I have been paired with a local casual player that only plays a sanctioned event once a year at their local course and they do not appear to be aware of rules or courtesy. I know at a tournament I traveled to a few years ago it embarrased a good friend of mine that one of his club members was unaware of bad behavior (the local's profanity and anger you could tell affected our group) and how that could reflect on the club hosting the tournament.
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Thank you everyone for the responses. My main concern since this is my company's first event I want to keep the people happy. The course is on a ball golf course that we installed 18 baskets a few years ago: Lava Creek DGC. I've capped the event at 90 because the course does not flow well with 6 person groups. There is already a wait list. Is having a small three basket putt course to add a hole gimmicky? Obviously it wouldn't count toward scores but have prizes to win both rounds. I'm not doing it to make an extra buck I just want everyone to get in. I am not playing this event if anyone was wondering. That's what I have right now, I need to get to the course and get some work done.
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