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Originally Posted by rd.bittle View Post
I'll be there in September. Maybe we can meet up.
For sure. This is where I attend college. I will be starting my senior year and am always out discing..there was actually one day where our local disc golf club woke up at 7am and we played all 4 courses in one day..it was intense! We called it the Devil's Run.
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Living with the wind, I throw a lot of wraiths and surges. If high winds I throw Max/Monster/X-Cal. Midrange I go with a Gremlin/Core/Shark/Coyote lineup and it covers me wind or not.
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Originally Posted by wake_rider View Post

I had a guy from Colorado come play a round with me who kept complaining about how unpredictable his discs were in all this wind. I didn't even realize there was any breeze until he said something, I'm just too used to always playing in stiff Oklahoma winds.

Btw, there was a 10mph constant wind from the SW with gusts tickling the 15mph mark. Lol. That's a great day for disc here!

When did you have a calm day like that?
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rules for wind.

1. tailwind throw under stable for longer d, over stable for quicker fade
2. headwind over stable for more neutral flight , under to stable will flip into rollers much quicker with snap
3. throwing overhand is ridiculous unless you know how to do this properly.
4. putting will drop in tail, raise in headwind.
5. expose the bottom flight plate and now you have a sail, use at own risk
6. have a disc you usually dont use, for me a new mf gator and trident to fight wind to swap in.
7. anhyzer/flex with an overstable disc in wind is easier to control than the hyzer and more predicable in short distance.
8. throw blizzard if your retarded.
9. use your 30 seconds to putt/drive carry 2 discs in hand if wind changes quick
10. wind is your friend when you know how to use it and everyone else craps the bag
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I look forward to windy rounds. Wind is a fickle friend. I practice driving putters(Wizards/Rhino) on a football field with "flags" atop each field goal upright. Finicky AND fun, but more importantly, it inspires confidence when I encounter a windy day on the course. For headwinds I use Rhinos, Gators, Banshees, and Firebirds. For tailwinds I use a beaten SS Wizard, Shark(flippy), beaten DX Rocs, a Comet, Leopards, and Roadrunners. Include a wind test in your pre throw routine, even while practicing. This has helped me enormously in assessing what to throw and how.
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Originally Posted by wake_rider View Post
You're just using the wrong disc. Disc way down in a tailwind and use something very understable. I parked a 370' hole with a Gl Fuse when we had a 25mph straight from behind us tailwind. My friends couldn't believe their blizz bosses just got outdrove by a fuse. Glidey, slower, and understable does the trick...
oh I know, that's just the problem.. It sucks' and when strong enough no disc flies that good they just push down on any normal line IMO plus putts are much more difficult.
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For major headwind shots I will slide my middle and ring finger just a little towards the middle of the disc. It seems to take a little spin and torque of the disc. Sure, I lose 20', who cares.

I'm talking drivers, plus I will putt with a mid into a fierce headwind.
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Throw the Gator!
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Originally Posted by tarel View Post
rules for wind.

10. wind is your friend when you know how to use it and everyone else craps the bag
Should have been your first statement. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a card of people all throw the same mistake by not observing the wind.
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so. i've finally gotten to the point where i'm mostly satisfied with my distance. my max distance is anywhere between 410-450 in dead air. if you put me in a headwind, however, my throwing sucks bigtime.

i previously thought the correct answer was to throw something more overstable. it seems that doesn't help my distance, it just helps my control.

is the right thing to do when facing a 20/30mph headwind to just disc up majorly and throw maybe a destroyer where i normally throw a PD? i struggle to throw 360 feet in, say, 15-20mph headwind with my PDs and this fall it has been very frustrating while doing field work.
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