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well I think we are all done know. Boy that was a blast...
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So has anyone actually held these? Are they flat. I asked a few pages back but everyone got up in arms about pricing and it was overlooked.
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Aren't all buzzes flat?
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I have a hard time believing the bar stamps are the EXACT same as current z buzzes. You would think that DC would know better than to lie and cheat people out of a product by misrepresenting it. Sure they would make some good $$$ but they would lose business in the long run. From a business standpoint this would make NO cents...pun intended.
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Ha I enjoy a good read especially when it has a twist at the ending. And GGGT just hosed all of you. Time is money, and folks we all wasted enough cash there to buy these discs at $100 a pop.
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Originally Posted by Menacewarf View Post
Aren't all buzzes flat?
no, i have domey esp's
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I have a domey crystal
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Hope i don't get the pastel easter buzzzys. the foil with the pyramidal shapes are Oss
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All this talk about the mold - but didn't I read somewhere back many pages that it's a different plastic? Maybe the flights the same as the regular buzzz but wasn't there some talk about better durability? sorry too lazy to read back through 30 pages.
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I just hope that these feel kind of like my trusty yellow barstamp and beat in just like it has. If they accomplish that, I don't really care how they look (for my throwers at least ). Overall, I think this is a cool way for DC to celebrate the Buzzz and I hope that they meet expectations and live up to the hype that DC has raised. If they do that, the discs will be well worth it (even for those who had to pay $25); if not, DC will take a HUGE hit in credibility and will probably lose some of their fans.
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