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Rollers off the pad

The closest course to me is very open and grassy - old ball golf course. I've often thought of throwing rollers for many of the holes. But during field practice I really s*** at rollers. I can't seem to consistently (>25%) get the correct release angle so it's almost random whether they roll right, left or straight.

How many of you regularly throw rollers of the pads?

I'd also appreciate any suggestions.
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I tend to throw backhand rollers on just a few types of holes and need multiple factors to be right. Rule #1, the ground HAS to be dry to put a really good roller down, you can do a so so roller with wet ground but to really get a good one has to be dry. #2, I put them down in a situation where there are tons of trees and multiple lines you can hit but not super high percentage of getting all the way through, my main hole I do this is at Bassett Creek Park in Minnesota on hole #2. This is a 2 shot hole and to get my best placement I do a roller. The disc I throw is a 10x kc pro cheetah for them, get super good rolls and can get it out 150ft or so before I need it down. I use it for power down shots and for shaping hyzer flip lines. Also did them with sidewinders.
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I throw allot of them at Idlewild. I was lucky enough to have a high rated pro and hall of famer show me some tips when I was first starting out. The disc is very important of course, but best piece of advice I was taught is to hold the opposite wing of the disc up and start out throwing flat. If RHBH you would actually hold the disc at an 30 degree angle in your hand with the outer part of the wing up. It feels awkward at first but instead of rolling your body like I used to try and do etc it actually is much more effortless and you can tailor it to different discs. If you have something more stable then you will have to arch your back but at the start I would get a roll but it would start out 20 feet to the right of where I actually wanted it. I started out with a cheap pro d Avenger SS.
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Yup. I throw them at least a few times a round at certain courses. Thanks to a shoulder injury, I can only throw forehand. If I need a shot to finish a hard left, I often roll it there. To use the language of the below link, I mostly throw finesse rollers since I have yet to "master" the high tech one. My roller of choice is a Champ Roadrunner. That disc will very happily fly over 200 ft before touching down. For those that have played DeLaveaga, this is the only way I can turn the corner on I-5 (that's about 400' straight before it starts to dogleg left).

I have also started to really enjoy rolling my heavy Buzzzes. There is a much greater margin of error with a Buzzz, and this might be a nice way to learn. I have started doing this more and more and a get out of trouble shot, but occasionally, I do it just to get that really hard left turn. I throw rollers with my Wizards too with my eraser being a very short roller, to a g9i for a longer one.

For me, I learned last summer while teaching at a camp. I had my baskets and discs with me. I probably threw 50 or so a day all summer, with discs of all types.

Good luck! Rollers really add an element to the game that has made it far more fun for me. I hope they do the same for you.

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Start with an easier to roll disc. A DX Stingray is a great roller disc. As is a DX Cheeta. My 7 year old rolls a Cobra on any open holes and does so really well.

Just like anything, it takes practice.
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Watching this is what made me want to throw rollers! This was my favorite video when I first started out and tried to mimmick these guys unsuccessfully.
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I cannot throw a BH roller for the life of me. But I can FH roll up to about 450ft decently accurate. That shot has saved me many times.
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im notorious for throwing a straight over the top style (cant call it forehand) roller off our 17th tee just for fun with a buzzz. I use stuff like that to get outta jams or some really wooded shot to get out if there is a line. rollers are fun thats all i gotta say
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I don't throw many rollers at all. usually they aren't for distance, but shots I can't hit in the air.

That said, there was a tournament in Iowa on a ball golf course (temporary). The pro that won it threw a roller off almost every hole. From what I was told, 600-650' consistent and accurate rollers every drive off the tee.
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I love throwing rollers even though I'm not that great at them yet. I need to practice them a lot more, but there isn't really that many uses for them on the courses by me. They are a really hard shot to learn and take a lot of practice to figure out the angle to land them on and stuff.
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