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Just had to stop in and show some love for the Tangent. It's one of the easiest discs I have ever thrown. On my home course there is a stretch of holes that require a straight even drive with a slight right hand fade. Between the Anode and Tangent what used to be at least a few bogeys and a par has now become birdie lane! I have also started to drive longer holes with a lot of success with the Tangent., again it's slight drift to the right is perfect on longer drives.
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Okay.. here are my impressions about the Tangent.

I got a pink 175g Eclipse Tangent few days ago in trade. First I have to say that Eclipse plastic looks so awesome. Actually, pictures of MVP's Eclipse discs was the reason why I got interested about MVP, but somehow I decided to try Neutron plastic instead of Eclipse for my first MVP discs (Anodes). I think there's even a post somewhere in this thread where I praised the look of MVP's Eclipse discs. But I'm happy now that I finally got my first Eclipse disc from MVP, I can't wait to buy a red and an orange one!

In these 2-3 months I've had my Axises I've learned them pretty well, but I was very excited to see how the Tangent flies because I've read just praises about it. As I've got used to throwing my Axises and had good results with them, I wasn't sure if the Tangent would outperform them.

The Tangent flew pretty much how I expected. It's a bit less stable than the Axis so it was easier to throw straight shots and annies with it. I can agree what many people have said about the Tangent: it's more like a neutral disc than truly understable. I would call it slightly understable, where as Axis is very neutral. For me at about 260' distances Tangent flips to flat from a slight hyzer and goes stick straight, and with a flat throw it has some turn but not a whole lot.

Today I visited my local course and brought only my Axis and Tangent to the course. I was a bit unsure how I would perform with just the Tangent because I hadn't really gotten used to it yet, but I decided to try. The first round I performed OK and got some really nice throws with the Tangent. Then I played an another one-disc round with just the Axis, and scored two strokes better than I did with the Tangent. Still somehow I wasn't as pleasured with the throws I got with the Axis than I got with the Tangent. I played a couple more one-disc rounds with the Tangent to see what all it can do. Straight shots were just effortless. With the Axis I really have to put juice to the throw and throw flat to get a straight throw from it, but with the Tangent I could throw it more relaxed in a slight hyzer and get a dead straight shot from it.

The final result is that Axises are gonna go and I'm going to get more Tangents for practice. For me, this disc works very very well. When it's calm, I can do almost everything with this disc. Axis is a good disc, but for me Tangent works better and is my number 1 option for one-disc rounds at the moment. It also worked very well for putts too, and actually I haven't putted as well as I did today for a long time. I really recommend to give this disc a try, and be patient with it.
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the big bead also help hold a line into some headwind even too. Tangent surprises the hell out of me every round somehow or another. Its really a unique disc as far as speed and stability go in midrange discs. Truly a line holding/shot shaping machine from left to right turnovers to slow glidey hyzers or smooth lazers. Your average pitch and putt is no match for the tangent alone lol.
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The Tangent may be my most highly utilized disc at this point. I've been using it to drive pretty much any straight hole under 300', in addition to using it as a midrange.

It may be that I've I've just found my release point with the disc, but I feel like I can rip it on a somewhat exaggerated hyzer, and it will always flip up flat, turn slightly right and then fade minimally. It is incredibly straight and forgiving.
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I'm in that love hate stage with my tangent right now. When I want it to fly straight it turns, when I want it to turn it flies straight. But when I crank it over on short right hand doglegs it acts like its supposed to and turns nice and smooth. My form is probably the issue not the disc but it has been frustrating lately...
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What is the most understable Tangent? I'm guessing lighter Neutrons? I don't turn my Proton at all. Flies more like a Buzz than anything else.
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I would say both my protron and neutron tangents fly very similar. Both are 173ish of course so that may have something to do with it. I haven't noticed much difference in the flight of my N Tangent and that is after beating it up in the woods as one of my most thrown discs. It is still a straight laser with minimal fade as it was off the shelf and for me will hold a hyzer and anhyzer reliably. I've yet to have it really turn or flip on me on.
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Originally Posted by PMantle View Post
What is the most understable Tangent? I'm guessing lighter Neutrons? I don't turn my Proton at all. Flies more like a Buzz than anything else.
Go with a flat Neutron. Mine is an orange 177g. It's been in the bag with an Eclipse Tangent of similar weight since they came out. They started very similar with the N fading a little later. At this point the Eclipse has hardly changed, still super straight. However my N Tangent is now flying in my old Fuse slot...Not super understable, but not something I'd ever throw a shot expecting fade at the end. It holds high annies effortless and flips from a shallow hyzer slowly and ends up finishing right (rhbh) on line drives.
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I never lose discs. Guess what I lost today? My proton Tangent. :cry:
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My nephew comes to stay with me a week and I decide to introduce him to disc golf so we could have something to do together. Using some conventional wisdom I started him out with a Leopard and a putter. He did okay with the Leo but started asking me about some of the discs I was throwing with the "cool rims" (MVP discs). I said here try this one and gave him a Tangent. He started throwing straighter and longer immediately. He never threw the Leo again. Next time I'm going start true beginners with a Tangent.

On an unrelated note he was drilling 25ft putts all week like they were nothing with no previous experience ever throwing a golf disc. I was a little surprised.
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