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The memorial is over.......

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Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
God. Shot the F up. No-body F'ing cares. We get it.. Tons of you nerds hate Prodigy because they have pretty much every top player in the game. Cool. Welcome aboard the 'Prodigy Haters Bandwagon', so far there are far too many of you to decide on who's driving the bandwagon.. So just start killing eachother until there are less of you out there.

A. We have no idea the interaction between Will and McBeth, stop assuming you idiots.
B. Stop reading so F'ing much into what you read/hear/see.. And STOP CARING SO MUCH ABOUT IT.
C. Of course Will didn't throw Prodigy the last hole, to do so would've been stupid.
D. Yes, you spend far too much time arguing on the forums.
E. It is not required that you make a post, every, single, time, you, look, at, a, thread.

Oh.. And I'll leave with this. Will & Paige both have people following them and videotaping their entire tournament. Does anyone else realize how huge this is? Prodigy might only have 2 discs out so far, and may be throwing mixed bags.. But they're smart enough to arrange for someone to follow around their top players recording their rounds. Who else does this?
This guy is the biggest tool on the website. Bar-none
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Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
Im not sure how im "clueless" here. He doesnt like them repping their brand, he complained about it, then said he didnt. When thats all he was talking about for like 10 posts.

I highly doubt any of this bs would be going on if Doss won and said DC was the best team ever, same with McBeth. Would you guys be talking about how big of a dbag Doss is, if that happened? Or if God forbid, he celebrated after he won a major, with his friends and team.... gasp..... the nerve.
Dude.... seriously? That isn't what I was saying, at all. I said, very clearly...I was referring to his TONE when he said "Prodigy, best team ever.."
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So the 26th Annual Memorial Championship. Can it get any more exciting?
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Originally Posted by peabody View Post
So the 26th Annual Memorial Championship. Can it get any more exciting?
Dude, I can't wait for the Texas States.
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I can't wait for summer when the courses are flooded with people getting drunk, and pissed off when you ask if you can play through.
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Originally Posted by Pete Kenny View Post
Can an official or marshall overrule a player calling a foot fault on another player?
Especially now that it doesn't have to be seconded?
I don't think another official can, but yes the TD or marshal can overrule the group.

I know I've said this 100 times in posts on this site but I Feel like if I don't put it, then I just sound like someone just running their mouths.

I am a PDGA marshal and have marshaled the last two worlds and will again this summer.

I highly doubt we would ever overrule a call such as that unless it was insanely obvious that it was wrong. Our rules are written for players to make the calls and while we do have to have marshals to avoid certain situations, we don't like to interject our opinions. If the group can't make the call / doesn't want to, then our call is what stands.

I've been asked to make calls before by groups on IB / OB etc and I ask the group ahead of time their opinion. Sometimes they say "well we all pretty much think it's out and just want to make sure" and then I say "well I don't even need to see it then. it's out." Sometimes it's "we are split and just can't decide." At that point I Remind them that we want players to make calls and that if they want my opinion, it will automatically per rule overrule whatever the majority of the group thinks.

We also, getting back to the point of the question, have the right to overrule anything at anytime. I have done this a total of 1 time and I have probably marshaled 30 - 40 rounds of major competition. I have also had players make calls that required seconds and I agreed with them so I seconded them.

But I highly doubt I would ever overrule a foot fault call unless it was an interpretation of a foot fault - i.e. someone said that the foot fault happened because a secondary supporting point was behind the lie but not in line with the basket (which obviously only requires 1 supporting point). But as far as "um, I don't think he foot faulted" I doubt that would ever occur.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren't in the bushes look at people's feet each throw. The Marshals role is primarily be present, be available for questions, handle situations of inappropriate behavior and randomly step in when asked / needed.
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Handshake Gate: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/san-fra...0546--nfl.html

I think ours is better
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Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
You've racked up 12 posts in 36 hours, with 90% of them being negative. Take a break from the internet for a while, or learn not to be such an annoying pessimist so we don't have to deal with it.
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Originally Posted by bergdawg View Post
This guy is the biggest tool on the website. Bar-none
That doesn't sound like nerd killing to me
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