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400ft with a firebird?
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I get the feeling that's just how Rebecca is. She was hugging everyone.
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Originally Posted by Organicvoodoo View Post
400ft with a firebird?
he could've thrown a roc if he wanted. a putter might have started getting risky.
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I'd guess she wanted Will to win because going into a playoff because of a technical error is silly. Just like McBeth playing safe left it up to Will if he was going to win.
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Originally Posted by giles View Post
I'd guess she wanted Will to win because going into a playoff because of a technical error is silly. Just like McBeth playing safe left it up to Will if he was going to win.
Id hate to see anyone lose on such a simple error. She seems to be a very nice and caring person.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
I get the feeling that's just how Rebecca is. She was hugging everyone.
Also maybe some potential inner guilt about distracting him. Not saying she did distract him, but maybe between PDGA president duties, DG Planet duties, and all the chaos gong on, that she could of felt that way consciously or not.
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Or she could just be friends with Will and wanted to be a good friend for him? Everybody is involved with each other in this sport, so I don't see it as far-fetched at all.

This isn't like in the NBA, where if David Stern went down to reassure Lebron James that they would win the title.
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I'll answer that. First of all, what the video was mistaken about is that DGP did not ask him to hurry unless it was from the camera guy. I told him to take care of his scorecards first and then go to the set.

Second, I'm old enough to be these kids mom out on tour and I treat them as such. It broke my heart to see Will sitting there knowing that he could lose the Memorial because of a scoring error. That is why I grabbed his shoulders and told him that he could win this playoff and to get that in his head. I would of done the same for Paul. As a matter of fact, what the video also didn't show is that I went to Paul and complimented on his professionalism, hugged him and congratulated him on a record breaking round.

I see these kids out on tour and you grow a kindred friendship. Also, this is the first time I saw them all winter. I wasn't groping, as said in a previous thread, and I didn't feel guilty about distracting him because I didn't. If you notice, there were quite a few of his fans and team mates that came up to congratulate him while he was adding up his scores. I was following him to the score tent but he was too fast for me.

My only flaw is that maybe I care too much. Maybe if I were more cold hearted, that would give everyone something else to talk about.

There were also comments made about me wearing a sweatshirt that said Prodigy. I have been battling cancer off and on since the year 2000, I get cold easy. I forgot to bring my jacket (I never dreamed the round would go until dark on Wednesday) and I got cold. Garrett Gurthie was the only one who offered me a sweatshirt. I took it even though it said Prodigy and didn't even have it on for an hour. Being an AM, I am very brand neutral. I have Innova, DisCraft, Rip, Gateway in my Grip bag. I don't have any Prodigy in my bag.

I don't get paid for anything that deals with disc golf. The PDGA Board is volunteer. Someone told me to quit trying to save the world......well, my world is disc golf and someone has to step up and try to save it. Even though I am a complete AM, I have so much passion for disc golf. I must or I wouldn't put up with the crap I do.

I understand that this is a public forum but all I ask is that you try to show just a little more respect for volunteers that work really hard to try to improve our sport.

Ok, I usually don't get on forums ....it gets discouraging. I'm stepping down off my soapbox

....until I see you on the course......
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Thanks for chiming in. It's great to have someone as passionate as you in charge!

I do hope you’ll join us from time to time to let us know what you’re thinking about the sport and where you see it going.

Keep up the fight! My mother-in-law has been fighting for about six years now!

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DGCR is mostly N00BS with strong internet voices. . .nothing like hearing the whining and complaining coming from people who 1)have never played a sanctioned event 2) have never run or helped run a tourney or 3)play the game at a high level

let it go folks and great response Ms Duffy even though it wasnt necessary. DGCR is filled with trolls and complainers. . .
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