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I've hit memorable shots 3 different times from 80-110' out (including a short ace) with my Comet. Very floaty disc, able to get me out of trouble when I'm buried in the thick stuff right, & I need a floating anny, but will hold any line fairly well if you have a consistent release.
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Might be a tad fast but a slight lighter Mako will do anything you want and its more forgiving then most of the putters listed.

I use a Pure for these shots now.
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I use a Dart and Wedge.
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XD or Comet are good choices for this slot. Very shapable (until really beat in).
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i would third or fourth the polecat. you can get those bad boys down to 130 maybe a little under too.
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I'm using a 155g RGL Ruby for this very purpose. Works great but can be squirrelly in winds at longer ranges. It looks and feels like a pure, just a touch thinner rimmed.
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Have to recommend a Dart! They're money on approaches. They hold a pretty good line and have decent resistance to high speed turn for a putt/approach disc.
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Originally Posted by treehorn View Post
I'm looking for a nice slow approach disc in light weight...

Something I could use for nice easy 100 foot and in approach shots that will work on both hyzerr and anhyzer ..

I use a magic right know but I'd like something in the 160-162g range.

Thanx, Kevin
Why don't you just get a lighter Magic?
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opto line pure
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Pures are on the faster end of the putter spectrum. It also doesn't come in light weights.
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