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Slow motion putt critique?

I've really been concentrating on my putting these past few months and have found a style I am comfortable with. In my opinion its a little spin and a little bit of push. Anyway, can you putter gurus see any obvious flaws I should be working on? Is one vid of one putt in slow motion even enough to formulate an opinion on this? If I'm feeling comfortable with this style, should I even care?
FYI the basket is sitting on a bit of a slope, So i tucked something under the Right side of the base to try to even it out, thats why it looks so unstable in this vid.

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Hard to tell from that angle, but are you bending that right leg at all or is it completely straight?
Your release looks pretty smooth though, no wobble, so I'm assuming your grip is pretty good
If you are straight legged I would suggest bending that front right leg a bit to be in more of an athletic stance.
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looks good and i think your dog concurs (tail wag), he just wants to fetch his bone that is in the flight path. I also like the towel wrap on the poles.
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Too far away to tell especially for us phone users. Tray making one where the camera is right next to you one the left hand side so we can see your full putting motion.
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if it works for ya keep doing it!
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Why do you have a towel on the pole? That's my first thought. Also, it'd be good to actually see the camera facing you, vs. the made putt. Cool vid, just you need to give us some better angles on the subject of critique.

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Towel is to keep the noise down for the neighbors
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looks good to me. My style looks kind of like yours. You got a smooth flight. I can pretty much get this flight too, but consistency is what is killing me, especially at the course, and wind.
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dosent look bad, the first post is all i hae to say...I too putstiff legged from a short distance because it takes another verable out of the routine. but when i get outside of my comfort zone stiff legged i have found a little bending helps gain alot of distance
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