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x comet.....
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10x kc pro teebird
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Star Destroyer. Maybe a Buzzz or Firebird then Kc Aviar
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Originally Posted by dusty5150 View Post
...Looks to play downhill...
Slight understatement.

I've played here a few times- always thrown a stable/slightly overstable midrange. Driver carries too far and and you don't want to hyzer out or flip at all really.
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my first thought is a comet. maybe try a fresh roc, and then a wizard too. ...and then all the rest.
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Pro Wraith. Aim towards the right so that there's room for it to turn. Star Teebird or Pro Shark for the approach(es) and Warlock for the chains.
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Mmm, I remember this hole. Great finish to a very fun course. I remember having a really hard time keeping drivers from hyzering way out because of the elevation. The initial lane in the woods forces you to throw straight so you can't really flex something out there. It's easily 400+ to clear the woods.

I remember my Wizards/Rocs going as far as my drivers as well. So much glide.

If I went back to play it again I'd throw a Roc off the tee.
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Star Teebird, then drone or buzzz it close and the challenger
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Champ Katana to clear the woods. Can't tell how far away from the pin I'd be then, but it looks pretty long (350ish?). So I'd be throwing a Teebird or QOLF for my second shot. If I'm only about 300 away, I'd throw a Buzzz or Comet for my fairway shot. To be honest, I'd probably be happy with a 4 on this one from the looks of it, and I'd consider a 3 a birdie.
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