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I'm in the same boat. 2.5 years of casual play. I can throw glidey mid ranges (Squall and Aftershock) ~250-300 feet. But I can't get my drivers to go much farther. I have good control with some slower long range drivers, especially my Vision. In the past I felt like I had good control and distance with high speed drivers (e.g. Vulcan/Katana). I can throw a Blizzard Katana 350 on a perfect throw with hyzer flip and a nice S curve, (or much farther downhill of course), but control is a huge issue and I don't do that unless the fairway is wide open (which is 1-2 holes at my home course of Delaveaga).

Here is what I'm thinking:

1) I'm going to focus on rhythm, accuracy and smooth form and mainly just throw the low speed drivers. I believe distance will come naturally.

2) When I have the time and focus to really try to improve my distance, I'm going to stop throwing drivers all together and focus on getting better distance with non-glidey putters and mid ranges. I'll have to hyzer flip them to get distance, but should still improve my form because the disc won't adjust for the mistakes I made.

3) I think these hammer pound techniques might also help me develop the right muscles and memory


4) If I really get serious I'll start posting videos for critique and get some lessons.
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Originally Posted by b-mart View Post
I still can't throw far. It's embarassing how short most of my drives are. But you know what? I have fun out there, and I'm never the guy in the group who's throwing a tantrum because his disc rolled away or hit a tree. Plus I work on what I CAN control with my noodliest of noodle arms: My putts and approaches.
I could learn a thing or two from your attitude.
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post

edit: golf distance

So you can throw 530 ft and are rated in the 880's. Man I wish I had your raw distance potential as the farthest flat ground measurement of my life is 365ft but normal drives are in the 290-325 range.
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Originally Posted by plastic addict View Post

I went through some frustrating times where I was turning discs over, skying the disc nose up, grip locking, letting go, etc. I was also caught up with the distance thing for a while. Now I just focus on being smooth and gradually increasing the power. Smooth>fast. Dan Beto's right peck drill really helped me learn to use my body instead of arms.

I've been playing A LOT since I started out. Almost everyday since I have a 9 holer right next to my job that I spend my lunch hour at. Keep practicing and it will come. I have improved so much over the past couple months just by playing a lot and trying to learn from every throw, especially in different wind situations. Still have a long way to go but I see the progress.

Keep at it and make every throw count

All of this. All day long.
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
Originally Posted by KniceZ View Post
Wait a minute Dan, in one post you say your throwing over 400'. Yet two posts later you say you can't throw far? What do you consider far? I'd be ecstatic with 400' since I'm stuck at 300'.

edit: golf distance
Originally Posted by timj5304 View Post
Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post

edit: golf distance
So you can throw 530 ft and are rated in the 880's. Man I wish I had your raw distance potential as the farthest flat ground measurement of my life is 365ft but normal drives are in the 290-325 range.
I want to throw 530'. Not there yet.
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The first 5 years I played I only went out sporadically, so I never got more than 250' consistently during that time. The next couple years I started playing more regularly but hadn't found any good players to learn from and hadn't started reading here or DGR so I topped out around 300' for a while. The last 2-3 years I've been reading, playing with better players and watching videos, and making a real effort to tweak my form, I slowly pushed my consistent distance out to 425-450' on low controlled lines, with an occasional drive out to 500'.
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100: first throw
200: first forehand throw
300: a month
400: a year
500: 3 years
600: hopefully this year
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