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Lions Park - Altoona, IA

temp tee to # 10 basket

threw a champ roadrunner on an anny, hit the side of the basket and dropped right behind the basket, would have netted me 120 bucks
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Lol My brother is still chasing his ace, he's hit the basket on 6 atleast 5 times in the past month with his trident.

1 of em hit the top of the basket, bounced up and hit the top of the rim, bounced out and rolled down the hill lol. It's always so comical, I really hope he hits one soon.
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Had a loud, violent chain-out (with a 169g VIP Underworld) on 18 white @ Riverhead field. It ended up less than 5 feet from the basket. I had a hunch that it didn't stick.

note: those lines on the course do not indicate my path there. I threw a rhbh turnover shot straight at that middle oak (above the "v" in blue lines) and that sumbit*h went right for the chains.

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Last night I had ace runs on two holes in a row. First one, the disc was going right for the chains and then at the last possible second hit a tree branch to fall just short. On the second one, my X Comet was turning right at the basket and then went through chain height probably no more than 2' behind the chains. It was painful to watch and go through
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two in one round today. both straight in and right back out. #2 and #18 winton woods. yeah, they're short, but d@mn, TWO in one round...
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Hit the basket yesterday at Hole 9 @ Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne, IN with my Star Wraith. Never had an ace, but that's as close as I've come! Heck, I'll take the birdie! Don't get many of those.
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Hit the basket on my first throw of a MVP Tensor. It was a dog leg left, thrown straight out RHBH, fade initiated and I was completely blind. I hear the disc on metal, but it wasn't a chains sound... it was a basket sound. I walked up there to find the tensor directly under the basket. Looks like its staying in my bag now...
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Last Tuesday, Sunset DGC in Lewiston, ID:

Met some of the local club members and we played teams. I was on the old guys/cute chick team, and we were beating up the metal, but the birdies wouldn't fall. #8, about 200', a nice lefty hyzer available, crowd expectantly watching, nice arc, angles in....

all pole, no hole.
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I had the labrum in the my right shoulder repaired last October and have been playing lefty as to scratch that Disc itch. I have gotten better and better. I want a Lefty Ace sooooo bad.

Grayslake Central Park hole 5: super short hole, chains, basket, flipped outů damn it

Warren Park District hole 2: Perfect Lefty Hyzer shot, big line for it, launched one, was steaming as it blasted right thru the chains.

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I had 3 ace runs in a row playing bicentennial park in Crowley. 6,7,8. Each one was closer and closer. On 6 I blew pass the basket about a foot to the left. Downside is the hole goes downhill past the basket so I ended up 35 feet away. I then come to 7 which is a straight uphill shot. I flick it up there and I like my line. I don't hear chains but I know it has to be close. Once I'm up there it's about 3 feet behind the basket and about a foot and a half to the right. So with the left to right fade you know it had to be close. Then I get to 8 the reverse of 7 so it's a straight downhill shot. I again flick it down and it passes the basket about 3 inches from the chains. Again being a downhill shot I blow past. I don't know what's worse have 3 shots leave my hands thinking this could finally end the 7 year drought. Or the fact I blew past them so far that I end up taking a -1 over 3 holes that all had a chance to really make it a good day
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