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Buzzz ss
Depends entirely on the hole, everything in my bag is an option though.
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River, Xpress, XL
Buzzz, Stratus, Comet
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Stalker, Buzzz, Wizard, or if it's short or goes right, my trusty 168g brainwaved Fuse. River also works for the longer straight shots. Gator or Predator if I decide those trees should never had existed in the first place.
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LOTS of tight wooded holes around here. I throw, based on distance and ceiling height; a beat small bead aviar, a buzzz SS or beat roc, worn pro leopard and if I really want to go for it a star roadrunner.

Roadrunners are capable of laser beams if you throw them right.
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Originally Posted by mattpusa View Post
how about the amps?
Re. MVP:
I still haven't figured out what my White FR Amp is, but so far, understable/straight it is not.

I can safely put my Magenta volt on a nice low straight line (albeit with a forward penetrating skip/fade).

My Tangent is pretty point and shoot, I suspect that it would be great for a tight wooded hole, but haven't really put it to that test yet,

Re. the OP:
My Opto Fuse hyzer-flips beautifully to nuts straight, no fade whatsoever. Love it in the woods.
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it really depends on the hole... i'll throw anything from a putter to a roadrunner and everything in between. the fast stuff stays in the bag on wooded holes.
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Dead nuts straight at different distances. River, Buzz SS, Flippy pro rhyno

Hyzer- Bh Pred, Eagle, Buzz, or maybe a Zone

Anhyzer- Flicking a Zone, Eagle, or Teedevil
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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
Everything in my bag.
yup, depends on the shot required. Distance, curve required, height available.
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Generally, most of my bag in the woods (since of over 12 courses, it would be tough to make up an "all-star" 18 hole course with all open holes. We don't do "open" here,) though I won't generally go faster than a Beast, a few holes around town notwithstanding.

If we're talking about straight tunnel shots, usually Cryztal Buzzz, but the Axis is making a play for the slot. For tunnel shots over 300ft, I'm still working both a River and Volt, not sure where that will end up, but the Volt is more predictable for me.
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depends on the distance and line required ... could be a dead straight hyzer-flipped XD, could be a meat hook hyzer z predator. pretty much anything in my bag except for a max D driver.
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