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Where's the Vibram Ridge love at?
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Star BB Aviar, better than KC pro
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All about the JK aviar. And p&a aviar.
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P2, aviar, voodoo depending on what feels right that day. But, you have to decide what feels good to you.
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Logan View Post
I rarely have the opportunity to feel the disc before I buy as I buy my discs online (cheaper by far). Do you like the Gateway Wizard?
SSSS Wizard is what I started using this year.
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In my quest for the perfect putter, I've come to the conclusion that my comfort with a putter encompasses these aspects: the way it feels in my hand, how it feels leaving my hand, how it flies to the pin, and how it grabs chains. Don't settle on a putter before you hold and try a couple. I suggest first trying stable model putters in multiple depths: low profile (1.2-1.3cm), medium (1.4-1.5cm), and deep (1.6-1.8cm) to compare the feel in your hand without worrying about overstable/understable. Then maybe try an overstable and an understable putter. Then find the right plastic for grabbing the chains or driving, not both with the same disc

For a list of putter models and their flight characteristics (switch disc type):

For putter dimensions:

EDIT: A good starting point might be something like a Suspect/Ringer (1.2cm), Pure (1.4cm), and Wizard (1.8cm). Just a thought.

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I'm definately agree with apparitions conclusions. The way a disc feels in hand and how it works for a certain person is the most important in my eye. Alot of people like the wizard, but to me it doesn't feel right and fly the way I like. Try different putters with different stability ratings, hardness, etc.

My perfect putter as of now is the classic soft judge. I prefer a softer putter, and I like how it has just the right amount of glide. Try as many as you can. Just because it works for <insert pro here> doesnt mean its gonna work for you.

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Anode or Ion depending on which is working better at the time.
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My first putter was an 11x ch aviar.i moved to pretty much everything around and ended right back to an aviar.i putt with a 12x kc pro aviar.not the san marinos or anything just some early firm grippy runs.i have to feel it before i buy it though.good luck man
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Originally Posted by Bobs DG 12 View Post
Where's the Vibram Ridge love at?
At the cardboard factory ^_^
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