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Wizards for me.

When it comes down to putting it is truly the 1 thing that 99% comfort!! Most putters fly very similar within 30 or so ft. Hell, there was a guy in a tourney I played in last year that putted with an XCal and probably missed 1 within the circle.

My point is that most discs fly the same in the first 30ft, depending on the the speed they're thrown at. So find something that feels great resting in your hands and releases clean.

You find this putter and your confidence will grow!!!!

hint hint: Wizards
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Logan View Post
The yeti is good, but I want to try a putter which has a bit more putting range. . .
Funny - I just switched from the Anode to the Yeti, because the Yeti holds a straighter line for me on long pitch putts. The Anode needed more of a spin/spush putt, which caused more left-right misses.

I also like the Yeti's grip, and use it for straight approaches out to 200' or so.

Inside 20' or so, it really shouldn't matter what you putt with. Sometimes I'll putt with a Champ Rhyno if I don't feel like grabbing my regular putter.
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I have been on Pures for a couple of years now. Perfect fit in my hand, clean release every time, and a reliable flight with tons of glide. Stays straight with spin, push and spush putts alike.
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Glad you found what you were looking for. What did you end up choosing?
I decided to add another Yeti Pro Aviar to my bag. The grip is unrivaled for any stiff disc I have seen, and it is amazingly durable for a soft plastic.
The problem wasnt the disc, it was my confidence in the disc.
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classic soft judge-on normal days-choosen as i was starting to bounce out of chains, and wanted something that would stick better
eclipse anode- windy days-was my old putter-too many chain pops, but it handles in wind alot better
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Logan View Post
What putter(s) would you recommend?
There's a reason the Aviar has been around as long as it has. That having been said I use a Lightning #2 175g.
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I keep 3 aviars in my bag. Although I really only use one...but nice to have for practice puts. I use it for putts around the circles edge or beyond. I know how it flies.

Up close, I use a SoftAPX. Super sticky to stick to the chains.
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Originally Posted by Bobs DG 12 View Post
Where's the Vibram Ridge love at?
Right here I carry 2 both 172, really want a lighter one for longer putts
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Logan View Post
I decided to add another Yeti Pro Aviar to my bag. The grip is unrivaled for any stiff disc I have seen, and it is amazingly durable for a soft plastic.
The problem wasnt the disc, it was my confidence in the disc.
This, so much this. It's good that you realized that, now all you need to do is develop the practice routine and muscle memory discussed above. Ellis's clinic - linked from Youtube earlier - is great. I like to putt 15 minutes before and after each round as a warm up and to reinforce how I putt.
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Originally Posted by justactnormal View Post
Nay, Classic. I picked em up at the DD store. They had Classic, Classic Soft and Biofuzion I think. Love the feel out of the box, but I'm just worried about the amount of damage they've taken.

Since they're made by Lat, I do wish for simplicity's sake, that they used the same name for their plastics. I understand wanting to separate things for brand identity, but it's getting a little overwhelming when you walk in the store. I love Gold Line and Tourney, but not for putters. Opto and VIP also $$, but not for putters. Now there's Fuzion, BioFuzion, Lucid, Classic, Classic Soft, Zero Soft, Zero Firm, RGL, EZE, TM, TM2 and I'm probably forgetting some. Maybe my brain is just full. I solidly feel that Swedish plastic is second to none, but it's getting to be a bit much. I can only imagine a store trying to keep up on stock with the relatively recent explosion of manufacturers and plastic types.

Sorry, off topic rant. The Classic doesn't say firm, so I don't know if there's another blend out there, but it feels like a firm grippy Elite X. Grippier than Pro, not as hard as KC Pro, stiffer than R-Pro or Soft X. I better stop before my brain explodes.
The regular classic is the firm. The soft is called classic soft. They wouldn't have had the Judge in Bio but maybe some dyemax fuzion ones. Those are the best driving putters I've ever come across. So glidey and long. More OS than the classic or classic soft judges. The production runs of those and lucid should be awesome.
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