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Old 03-28-2013, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by discspeed View Post
Just for the heck of it I'm gonna bust your balls a little...

Super beefy mids are useless...Seriously, if you can't get by with an overstable Proton Vector and powering down Shocks (or throwing them smoothly with a touch of anny) then you need more practice instead of a super beefy mid anyway. I don't think we will really know what m1-m4 are going to fly like until Prodigy gets it together either.

Also, a true fairway driver? The Axis is so long and the drivers power down so well that there is seriously like a 10' gap at best between their mids/drivers for me. The drivers are a NEW kind of fairway that are faster yet don't glide a bunch and therefore are super easy to range and cut the wind way better.
Not going to disagree with you on the first bolded point. Like I said, I never saw the need for one until I threw the M1, and part of that was the lusty connection I get with their awesome plastic blend. I can see it's uses now that I've thrown the M1 and the Innova Gator, but like I said, I'd never thrown a really OS mid in all my years of playing until 3 weeks ago. The point I was making is that the OP was asking way on what gaps MVP has....and that is one that I see in other manufacturers.

Agree with the second bolded point as well...to a point. I like their wording of "control driver" as opposed to fairway driver (aren't all drivers supposed to stay on the fairway anyway?) because that's exactly what I find with them. I found the Amp a little difficult to range (hence why it's not in the bag) but I can throw my Volts or my initial-run Shocks on anything from 200 feet to 350 feet...and I'm not very good. BUT, and this is a big but, a lot of my more inexperienced friends and my wife cannot do that. I guess instead of "slower speed" control driver, I should have said more "begginer-friendly"...hate to use an Innova example again, but something like a Gazelle is to a Teebird.

I understand also that begginers aren't neccesarily MVP's target market at the moment, but the OP was asking for gaps in their lineup, and that's how I see it. So really, discspeed, we were both right! LOL
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Old 03-28-2013, 10:33 AM
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I am slowly migrating to a MVP dominated bag, but I would have a hard time playing without an Opto Trident, my go to disc on the wind even for putts.
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Old 03-28-2013, 11:01 AM
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I haven't thrown my Anode, Vector, or Zone in about 4, or 5 rounds.

I'd be quite happy with only the Amp, Volt, Ion, Axis, and Tangent. I may try out a Shock at some point, but we'll see. To replace the Vision, I just need to beat in an Amp some more, and add a fresh one.
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Old 03-28-2013, 12:34 PM
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Original NutSac (5 discs): Anode, Zone, Tangent, Vector, Volt

Voodoo Juju (9 discs): 2x Anode, Zone, Tangent, Axis, Vector, Amp, Volt, Shock

Phyiscal Flight Contender (17-20 discs): 2x Anode, 2x Zone (ESP/Crystal FLX), Tangent, N/E Axis, N/E Vector, 2x Amp, 2x Volt, FR/New Shock, Villian, D4

I originally had XXX in my bag, but since new Shock is quite beefy for me so I took out XXX.

D4 is my tailwind/little wind max distance driver and Villian being headwind max distance. I like to try Trespass someday.

Zone is the key non-MVP disc by far. I like how it "dive bomber" at the end. That helps me to get closer to the basket in those upshots where I need to throw straight and then hard fade. I do use hyzer upshots with Anode as well MVP mids if I have space. Depending on type of greens (fast/slow/dangerous/safe) and how is my putting performance at a given moment (we all have some ups and down in putting game) I might go for basket with Zone rather than Anode knowing that Zone will keep close to the basket if missed while Anode might fly by bit too much. (I am mostly straight spin push putter, but I would "lob/pitch" the putter if situation calls for that).

I have not played in rainy round in so long time. I think I would take DX Teebirds and Pro D Zone with me if it is really raining hard. I ll look forward for really rainy round to see how I ll handle.
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Old 03-28-2013, 12:37 PM
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I a, for sure enjoying the added fade that the Jokeri has added to my bag. Really great for short flicks, windy approaches and short Skype hyzers. Should make and stay in the bag for the long haul. Plastic feels great too.
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I used an MVP Nutsac yesterday and had a good round with almost all shots covered on a moderately wooded course:
Shock, Volt, Amp, Vector, Tangent, Suspect.

Hyzerflipping the Tangent isn't as effortless as it is with the Tursas, but I can control the fade easier. I really like all the MVP discs except the putters. They're both deeper than I prefer.
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Old 03-28-2013, 12:56 PM
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I actually WAS rocking an all MVP bag for a bit, but I found that at my current power level, (350 with the Volt on a good day) I wasn't able to get as much use out of their lineup. My experience with MVP has always shown me that I have a lot more growing to do before ill personally consider a full on MVP bag again. Currently, the only MVP in my bag right now is my trusty opaque blue puddle top ion.
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Old 03-28-2013, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Disc Frenzy View Post
I am slowly migrating to a MVP dominated bag, but I would have a hard time playing without an Opto Trident, my go to disc on the wind even for putts.
the Trident is one of mine keeping me from being all MVP. Tough one to replace, if you carry one.
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Old 03-28-2013, 01:41 PM
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I carry 2 of every mvp mold, with the exceptions being the amp and tangent. Not a whole lot that is left uncovered.

2nd Run shock, beef as hell. Just kills headwinds like nothing, while keeping a controlled distance
FR pink shock, ridiculously understable, such an oddity...I use it for big curve shots.
167 Volt, straighter shots where i need a bit of turn but limited fade
Dyed heavier volt, throw this for just about everything. Such an amazing disc
Black amp, I don't really use it. It looks awesome though.

Domey max weight vector, not a FR but still plenty OS for my needs
A flatter vector for less OS but still needing a fade
Max weight Axis for straighter shots
Another lighter axis for shots with a bit of turn and minimal fade
Tangent, still working this out...I feel if I threw it more I could replace 3 discs

2 soft anodes for putting
2 Ions for approaches and "swoop" putts. (not sure if anybody else uses that term, rofl)

...my confession is that i also carry a zone. And a dragon. Because I hate to lose discs in chemical ponds.
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I think an all MVP bag is possible...just not for me. Both due to arm speed/control and my comfort level with other discs. I'm not opposed to change (I did just swap my Kraits for Saints after more than a year of Krait love) but I don't think I could stretch my MVP drivers out on the longer holes that I sometimes encounter.
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