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I'm a newb, Have only been playing for a year, max out at 300' to 320'. My favorite was a 168g Mamba, and a 160g Tern until I found a 149g Blizz Boss at our local course. This thing flies really well for a 13 speed disc, and I never would have bought one because I wouldn't have thought I could throw it. Very lucky find for me because it really improved my drive!
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Originally Posted by Craton View Post
Lace. /thread.
This is why I like Craton alot! While he can throw far and consistant he still loves flippy and light weight plastic, he treasures 11x xout 150 class teebirds, pre barry gummy leopards in 150 class, vibram lace, katana but at the same time he has an xtreme, pred and beefcake destroyers!

I dont know where warp speed starts but I will say speed 12 because I can really start telling the speed difference between wraiths/surges and destroyers, boss, nuke, swords, bolts. I like bolts alot because they are real flippy, I used to use them for tailwind shots and wideopen distance shots and could get 40 ft more but sadly I lost my last 2 under the snow after snowfalls this winter and never replaced them. I like wraiths and swords because they are pretty close but for flat ground max distance with no headwind it is the bolt, kinda like a katana but I like the plastic better.
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esp nuke ss throw it hyza and let it right straight! Its basically a katana but better! it reacts well to low arm speeds its a rather fast disc.
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Only reason I would recommend the TP Sword by Westside is because I am by no means a pro, -3 years experience but the TP Sword was one of the first disc's this season I really felt like I could control well in most conditions. Not as intimidating as one would think.
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Some of the stuff in the thread can't be real right? I mean some of you are joking....
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Blizzard Katana in the 130s up to 150s. Gotta figure each individual disc you buy out because each one will turn over a little more or less, but they go a long ways when you hit it right, and don't need much power. If you can figure out the right angle to hyzer flip them and still get an S curve after the flip, and get a good snap, they go a mile. I've had my longest drives with these, and the DD2. But I need a ton of room and even then, if I don't hit it right, it doesn't end up being great distance to the PIN if lands PIN high but 80 feet to the left or right.

Recently tried the Nuke SS and ya, it is easy to throw too. A bit more unpredictable for me so far. But I threw it a few times forehand, which I'm OK at at short range, but terrible trying to drive and had some awesome drives. Might have to explore understable forehand drives for longer distance shots that need to the left to right.

Before that I used to throw the Vulcan, which once it is beat in properly, is easy to throw distances.

However, I can throw a Lat64 Vision almost as far as these discs and have great control with it. My buddy that is just starting out I gave my River and he loves that too. Slow discs, with high glide, that go pretty far are awesome. Get a River or a Vision and I bet you are real happy with them.

One day, I will do what you are doing, and go with all low glide, low speed putters and Mids until I can throw those things 300+ consistently. Then I'll be forced to improve my form, and hopefully, would see a distance increase on the high speed discs when I return to them.

In the meantime, it is hardly shameful to be a casual disc golfer that throws crazy high speed discs even though they can't throw a putter 300 feet, except on this board. :P
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Pro wraith.
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I want to get a TieDye Groove next BTW.
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For non-blizz discs, the bolt is the way to go. As long as you have good form, it doesn't take a ton of power to get it to straighten up and fly right.
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To any noob here that thinks throwing a warp speed disc will improve your game, ill tell you the same thing I tell any of my friends that are just getting into dg: if you want to fiddle fart around, have a good time and toss some discs around then by all means, throw whatever you want. If you wanna actually get better and develop useful form habits, start with mids and low speed fairway drivers. I have a buddy that throws a destroyer 300', gave him a teebird that he throws 330' he was baffled.
The reason high speed drivers are not consistent for you is because you haven't developed the ability to throw them correctly.
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