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Default The quest for the one!

Starting this thread because I'm looking for the right putter! I throw a soft and classic judge, I also have a evolution plastic soft wizard and an anode. I always find myself switching back and forth all the time. I'm never consistent with any of them for some reason idk if has to do with weight or I'm just not that good at putting yet. I like the anode just seems like it wants to bounce out the chains it's so hard. I'm thinking about trying a medium vibram ridge or a soft eraser or chalky wizard. Need some help
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Banger GT.
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Also let me add in I like the grip on the soft judge
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just pick one and stick with it. It's all about feel for me.
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All you get when you make a thread like this is a lot of people telling you what they putt with. That being said, try a P2.
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Have you experimented with understable putters? Try an APX, they go in more than wizards.
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Go to your local shop....Hold as many putters as you can get your hands on and see what feels best to you. Get 3+ of the same putter, same weight, and practice, practice, practice.

I was jumping between 3 different putters and the best thing I ever did was sell every single one and pick up 5 of the same one(when I tried them at my shop) and practice for daaayysss. It's all what feels best to you.
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Are you consistent enough to determine what kind of stability you want in your putter. Pick a stability, feel ( bead/no bead, flat/domey ) and get 3-4 and practice.

Btw I agree with you and use softer/grippy plastic. (Gateway SSS). Grabs the chains better in my opinion.

Putting is a mental game more than the disc. Unlike driving and approaching with putters.
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Practice will make a much bigger difference in your ability than buying new plastic. Go out to the course and put in the time. If your Anode feels the best to you, stick with it. I prefer firm putters and putt with the hardest I could find. I get a better release out of it than any of the wet noodle softies I've tried over the years.
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putting within / around the circle dosnt give the putter time to go on its "flight path". basically all putters act the same in that area in my opinion. as stated before here... its more about mental game and how the putter fits in your hand. a nice fit, gives you confidence... confidence removes the doubts. without doubts, you have a clear path to the basket.
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