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Default DG Presentation to Coworkers

I've been asked to organize a small DG outing this summer (June) for my department (Security/Facility Access) where I work (Hospital). On Wednesday I have also been asked to present about DG to the group to try to get people to come out to the event. Ranging in age from 20 to 70, how am I going to get people interested in coming to the outing? What are some main points I should bring up? Fitness aspects? Being outside? Low cost? Unique courses? I'm gonna bring in a few discs to let people have something to check out and pass around while I am presenting. I don't have a basket. (maybe I should find one, letting people putt into a basket would be as hands on as it gets)

I plan on bringing the group to UMD which is a nice, flat, short 9 hole course offering some basic challenges/enjoyment of disc golf.
UMD Disc Golf

I'm going to watch the PDGA video 'Disc Golf: It's in the Air' after work today and see if that's something worthwhile showing.
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Emphasize how beginner friendly the sport is. You don't have to be good to have a good time. MAny people I take out the first time are worried it will be like ball golf, where if you're not good enough to keep up you're expected to just pick up and move along without finishing the hole, and that makes people feel really self conscious.
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I'd check around local disc golf stores[or wherever discs are sold in Doolooooth] and tell them what you are doing and for who, and see if you can't rustle up a few prizes[discs, shirts, minis, caps] to add a bit of thrill to the idea of playing. Use them for best score, most improved during the round, ace shot, best dressed, oldest, etc.
As far as a basket, use the "browse members" feature to find someone in your area that may have access to a portable basket.
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I got a basket you can borrow.
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Originally Posted by WOTI View Post
I got a basket you can borrow.
Boom! Awesome! I didn't know you had a basket.

We gotta get you and your basket out to Bird (Eric's) land sometime. It's just south of Superior. We're gonna be safari-ing all over that place this summer and cutting some lanes!
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this will help explain it to your non- DGing freinds
this on our clubs facebook page
maybe you can find something like it
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This isn't a direct answer, but I took my staff of bartenders on a park bbq outing for recognition and just chose a park with disc golf. Then I brought out a couple bins of plastic and 12 of us and some of their children hit the course and played 5 holes. Some dug it, some didn't but they all understood the appeal once we were done. I don't know if that's an option in the ops case, but it served the purpose .
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Emphasize how much fun the game is. Tell stories about how fun it is to watch a disc fly in the air towards the target, even if it isn't a particularly good throw. The other benefits, such as health, etc, should only be secondary highlights. I try to hook people on the fun factor.
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I also would use the vimeo vid. i used it to gain partnership with our convention bureau and chamber for our masters bid. It explains the game in simple, easy to understand terms, has great footage and keeps people engaged. The old "Its in the air" video is pretty bad in comparison.
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Don't oversell it. You're not trying to convince your co-workers to pick up disc golf as a long term hobby, you're trying to get them to the course for a one-time event.

Simply focus on the fun without getting technical. If you start talking about hyzers, flex shots, overstable/understable etc, people will be intimidated and turned off to the idea.

A fun, non-competitive social outing will be the most attractive. Maybe even incorporate a BBQ or something to go along with it to make it more appealing.
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