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S-Curve finishing left for RHFH

I'm trying to figure out how to throw a flex shot that finishes left, thrown RHFH. I can throw an understable disc that fades left, or hyzer flip an understable disc that flexes left, but finishes back to the right. I'd like to know if it's possible to throw a shot that leaves on a hyzer plane to the left, then flexes to the right, but flips and fades back to the left. Exactly like an anhyzer thrown RHBH.

Since I've spent a lot of time here but never posted: I'm new to the sport.. started playing in December. Of course bought fast drivers out of ignorance, but thanks to this forum I'm now only throwing mids and slower drivers.. Fuse, Core, Buzzz, Roc, Sidewinder, River, Monarch, Saint, Vision, Firebird, Valk. Throwing about 250-280', small single step and slow release focusing on the hit.

The shot I'm describing may just be a RHBH anhyzer, but if it's possible to throw something similar forehand, I'd love to hear any advice.
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There is no possible way to throw that shot. It's either a turnover and finish left, or there is a FH S curve, or Hyzer that both finish right.
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I wouldn't say its impossible, Ive just never seen it done. There's got to be a way to do it, but that just doesn't seem like a shot a lot of people would use. Ive got a buddy who can forehand a country mile, but has little control over his discs. Ive seen him throw some crazy shots RHFH that finished left, but not with the kind of flex you're referring to, and I have no idea how he does it.
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It is possible, but extremely difficult to execute. I would throw something very understable with a lot of hyzer.
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Tomahawk or roller
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Yeah isn't that jus an extreme hyzer flip? Use something tha is super understable and very beat in
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Should be able to get it done if you use enough OAT.

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We play with a guy that flicks an avenger and puts it on a 30 degree angle or so and it will turn way left. I can't really remember what it does at the end, but he gets pretty good results out of it...
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Why not try learning a BH? Or throw a tomahawk. Seems easier than inventing a new shot.
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I think this is the shot you are looking for.

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