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Default What's new?

What's new to your bag that's on tryout, and what's recently taken over a spot?

Tryout :
havent thrown one in a while, but liked it until the woods ate it. Some days the River eats the woods, some days the woods eat the River. I've just received a brand new secksy opaque frost 177g with the best grip ever, and much brighter color this time. I'm guessing this will be/stay around where my recycled Saint is now. recycled Saint is awesome right now, but seasoning quickly and on its way to being my coveted speed 9 turnover. Right now its flip to straight with a touch of fade.

havent thrown it yet, but it will take the Vipers spot if it works the same.

Winners :
Frost Claymore > Truth, Emac Truth, Compass.
Ive got the Claymore dialed in like I had the old Truths, but the Claymore is easier to manipulate.

Saints, Catapult > a host of high speed drivers.
Much needed consolidation.

Champ Viper > Justice
wtf did I start bagging the Justice for??? this was my second biggest trilogy blindspot next to switching off of G* Aviars. Viper is so much more useful than a Justice. I sincerely hope the MOAB is able to take the Viper's spot since they are production run.

G* Aviar > Swan1, Swan2
elevation issues with swans, constant chainouts, touchy lines, all fixed by going back to my F2 G* Aviar. Put another prod run G* Aviar in the bag and putting putters are covered. This has been a game changer for me this year. I actually consider myself decent at putting now, and I can focus more on my lacking forehand game.

Firebirds = Felons
Right now I'm mostly bagging felons, but my freshy is a first run sexton glow. I love Firebirds and Felons so if I like the plastic I'll bag them interchangeably.
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Tried out/trying out:

Sockibomb Opto Compass: Good all-around Mid. Would be ideal for my bag if I carried only one mid.
Champion Glow Firebird: my forehand has gotten good enough to actually use at times, and I came across an F2 Champ Glow Firebird so I'm trying it out. So far it's been great on semi-intentional forehand rollers, and has done fairly well as a forehand disc.
I have a DDx coming in the mail. Will see if it's going to be a good compliment to my Star Tern.

Doss Ti Buzzz - has captured the stable/overstable midrange spot in my bag, especially on several shots on my home course.
Champion Banshee - has done so well as a utility disc and hyzer disc to hit certain lines and spots that it's solidly in the bag. Using it for forehands, too.
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2016 Sexton CG FB > RDG Raptor I hate to say it, but I'm loving the FB again and as much as I love RDG, I'm a big Sexton fan, as well.

Ozone Andro C > K1 Kaxe I'm still torn here... I'm really liking the Andro C, but the Kaxe felt so natural from my first throw with it. Plus, RDG T-Rex stamp. Boom!

RDG Tyrant > Eagles and Prodigy F2s Tyrant is just sooo gorgeous. Perfect OS fairway driver.

Plastic Addicts Habit > Prodigy PA3 and Innova Nova I love the plastic (mix of ESP and TI) and it's the perfect straight to understable, glidey, hit and stick putter.
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The Fireball, Octane, Nitro and Tyrant are getting auditions.

The Fireball is not going to make the main bag, but for rounds that Im only carrying one control driver it will get a long look.

I really like the Nitro and Octane, but unless I change my entire driver setup there might not be a place for them. I'm excited to have them for my all Gyro nutsac rounds though. Just need to find a mid I like from them.

The Tyrant will get a long look. I love my Stags and it has no where near their glide. However, the fact that it is much harder to turn over is so nice.
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Mace >> Verdict
My stable to overstable mid slot needed to be shaken up as I was not clicking with the Mace very well and wanted something that felt similar to the Claymore. I opted for the Verdict as I had thrown them before and don't really know why I went away from them. I traded for (2 - twin set) prototypes, (2) bio fusion and (1) lucid, all used. I have only thrown the prototypes and they were exactly what I was looking for. I will most likely be keeping (1) prototype and (1) of the others in the bag. The other (3) need to have a showdown for that second stable mid slot once the lucid comes in.
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Trying out

Zone or Devil Hawk to replace Ghost and VP. I barely ever use the Ghost and I struggle with forehand throws with the Ghost. The VP is there as a hit and stick disc. I have a SSS Devil Hawk on the way to try out against a Soft X Zone. One of those two discs is going in to replace both the Ghost and VP because I know the Zone can but I am interested in the Devil Hawk.

Shaman against Wings. I like the Wings but I'd rather throw an American made disc and one available in better plastic so I have a Shaman on the way. I am worried it might be more understable then the Wings though.
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On the docket to try out this season;

RDG tyrant as a production replacement for my Brinster Teebirds. I love love love my Brinster birds. But I only have 2 left, and even tho they haven't been OOP for love they are already getting expensive. I hope the tyrant can take this spot over so I can stop sweating throwing my OS fairway.

Gateway SGS Warriors for rocs. My mids are kind of a mess right now. I love my rocs, but ever since I fell in love with my McPro roc3s it's been a mess. I need a longer/faster disc to pair with my McPros, they are just too long compared to Rancho rocs and not stable enough to be my only mid. We will see

Discmania DDX for Pro destroyer. As has been discussed to death lately, production star destroyers are super beefy right now. Which is fine, cuz I love me some beefy destroyers. But I don't think my current stack of stars will ever break in far enough to be max distance drivers. I've been using the pro destroyer for this spot for forever (like, since they came out) but pro's are inconsistent too and I'm starting to break them in faster then Id like and struggle to find good ones too. Itd be nice to just have a drop in premium plastic bomber that is easily replaceable.
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I current bag 4 Star Destroyers for my max distance backhand shots. I don't really like to use them for sidearm so they don't beat up as fast. Plus a couple of the are domey & I prefer to flick flat discs. So I reserve two spots in my bag for max distance sidearm discs.

Max D Forehand
Destroyers vs XCals

In The Bag
I currently bag 2 max weight Champion Destroyers. One of them is beat up & has some nice turn to it. The other one is beefy, it has bubbles in the rim. Even when thrown backhand it doesn't have any turn. I like them but my more understable one has some dome to it...I hate domey discs forehand. Recently I feel I haven't been as confident in my Champ Destros as I'd like to be.

I'm trying out 2 XCals. Both are max weight & Champion. One of them is really beat up. It has a good amount of turn but still has that XCal fade at the end. The other one is overstable but I can get it out farther than my Firebirds. Both of them are flat.

I seem to be more consistent with the XCals when I do field work. I just don't know if the more understable XCal is going to work out because it still has a lot of fade. Only after I do some more field work will I know if I want to make the switch or not. Right now the XCals are giving my Destroyers a run for their money. Though if I do bag the XCals the number of molds I carry will go up .
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DGA proline Pipeline in place of a lost esp Xl
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I have auditioned 5 new molds in the last month. So far I have liked all but one of the molds and those 4 i like have stuck in the bag.

1. RDG Tyrant- This is an excellent straight to fade fairway. Its definitely more OS than my beloved AJ Tour Series Star Teebird, but isn't a pure utility disc. The Tyrant will carry a good distance straight before fading pretty hard. Great as a headwind driver or for low skip lines, it even works pretty well when thrown with a small degree of anhyzer.

2. Vibram Arch (x Link MED)- My buddy bought me one of these for a 4th of July disc exchange my friends and I did and this one is really growing on me. I really like my AJ bird and G Star bird, but the Arch is also a great disc. Its pretty similar to my Gstar, but will withstand a ton more punishment, and is a reliable flyer. I'm using this as my woods fairway. While I could probably just get another Teebird to cover the lines i use the Arch for, I do enjoy this disc quite a bit.

3. Gateway Magic (Organic)- Perfect disc for arrow straight to slightly understable approach shots. This kicked my Chalk RFF Serpents I was using for US upshots out of the bag. My first throw with the Magic chained out of an ace run, and as long as I don't try to throw the Magic like Hercules, its going to be a great shot. Love this disc.

4. Gateway Wizard (Platinum EVO and Eraser) - My new putters... Kicked the other two Serpents I had out of the bag for good, much better in the circle and off the tee for me. Before I was being a contrarian and didn't like the Wizard, boy was I stupid. These are amazing discs. You could probably cover any putter shot imaginable with 2-3 Wizards in the bag. If I didn't have such a huge love affair for the Innova Pig, I could probably roll with an all Wizard putter setup (once one beat in enough to fly like a Magic at least)

The only one I didn't care for was a Star Roc 3. Too uncomfortable to throw sidearm, and much worse results than my Emac Truth thrown backhand. I don't really like midrange discs anyways other than the Emac that I use for glow rounds.
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