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Stupid disc searches

Spent 30 minutes today searching for a disk and chest high weeds after I yanked my Teebird on a hole and swore that I could tell the vicinity in which it landed. After I gave up on the search (Bitterly) I walked about 30 feet into the open area and found my disc sitting near the hole in knee high weeds. Do you ever get so off on your searches? It must've been at least 50 feet. Tell me!
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Had a fairly divided card over a disc that squarely entered an OB area of dense bush apparently in one spot, only for a long search to yield the disc at the very edge in OB probably 30 feet farther along and up a hill from where the search began. Question became if the disc entered 30 feet back, that's where it should be played from, but how could it have gotten so clear so far up a hill through all that shrub without entering there to begin with.
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when searching for disc i have adapted two policies. One look at what looks to be the worse place possible for your disc to be. (for instance your green disc flies into a bunch of dead grass except one patch of a green bush...it will be in the bush) and second. Its always shorter then what you think it is. Dont know why, just seems to be how men are, we always figure its longer then it really is.
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I have a bad habit of looking away in frustration when I'm upset about my release. That's when I should be paying the most attention.
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i actually tend to under estimate my shots distance. ill head into the thick **** immediately then find it 20' past the pin just sitting there getting sweaty.
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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
I have a bad habit of looking away in frustration when I'm upset about my release. That's when I should be paying the most attention.
im guilty of this as well. ask kodachrome. i drilled a tree on a flick like 15 feet in front of me during the minnesota winter months. i turned away in disgust. he and another ducked cuz they thought they were going to get hit. searched for like 20 15 minutes and couldnt find it.

once the snow melted he found it, it was right under the tree i guess hahaha oops
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Tuesday I was looking for my disc for 20 minutes. Could not find it so we moved on to the next hole. After getting the nine holes in (all we could play after work) I walked back to where i thought i lost my disc. Long behold my disc was sitting 20 feet left in the fairway. Right about the area that i thought i had gone in the ruff......man i had egg on my face. lol Got to love how you can find everyone elses disc but when it comes to yours..... grrrrr
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I was trying to hurry and finish a round at Pier Park in Portland to beat a rain storm. Pulled my drive on 16 into the thicket on the right. I searched it and a possible rollaway down a hill further from the basket (toward 17) and then it downpoured as I continued my search. After getting drenched for about 30 minutes it let up and a group who had taken cover during the rain played through and the first guy to approach the basket says, "Hey, you're not looking for this disc by the basket are you?"

Now, I immediately put my bag where I think the disc is or where I lost sight of it as a way of orienting myself as I search. (This backfired once when I actually set my bag on a disc buried in the leaves which of course I uncovered by giving up my search and yanking my bag off the ground in frustration.)

Then, I check the easiest places for it to be at before diving into the worst-case scenario places and also do a walk backwards from the basket toward where I think it is. I've had several occasions where a disc is hidden by a log or tree or something looking at the angle facing the basket but completely visible at the angle facing the teepad which sounds obvious but is actually counter-intuitive as you tend to assume the disc will hit something and stop behind it and not somehow maneuver itself in front of it.

I play alone a lot, and notice a tendency when playing through a group to rush to where I threw without pausing to make a mental note of where it landed first, which is my normal routine. Taking 5 seconds to make a mental picture of what it landed near often saves 3 minutes of wandering back and forth.
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I have to pretty much agree with every post so far. I know some are contradictory but I've had almost every single scenario happen.

Zenbot has probably hit on my biggest pet peeve though. I take church groups out which means hundreds of new players. They do not understand that you have to watch the disc until it hits the ground. It is always herd golf and mostly ends with me wanting to curl up in the fetal position and cry it out.

It is worth it though.
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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
I have a bad habit of looking away in frustration when I'm upset about my release. That's when I should be paying the most attention.
This is me as well.

I've also gotten in a habit of not watching the line once the disc leaves the field of view and missing a hard over cut-roll to the opposite side. It sucks looking for 10 minutes on the far right only to locate the disc on the far left after the roll...
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