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What have you accomplished in the last year?

As the tournament season starts to slow this time of year around these parts (Seattle area) I've had time to look back and think about the things I've accomplished and what I could do better.

I won my first A-tier in ADV and finished top 10 in the other 2 I played.

974 rating making me the highest ranked AM player in Washington

So, what have you done this year that you feel was an accomplishment or a step up from the previous year?
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Just playing tournaments was a fun start (only been playing three years). Getting the rating over 900 was neato, too. Hoping to get up to around 930 in the next year.

Breaking the 350' mark was nice...now I can do it pretty regularly.
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My biggest accomplishment is throwing farther. I've been topping out at 300' for years, but changed a few things this year and now top out around 360'. I've had a few 375'+ throws with a flippy destroyer, but the 360' is with speed 9 and 10 discs and is usually repeatable.
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Just about doubled my course count this year.
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Early in the season I was playing some of the best golf of my life, the albert lea open I shot my first 1000 rated round (1022). The next day I sprained my left ankle. I was a stubborn mofo and kept playing, throwing some of the worst rounds of my life while I recovered throughout the summer. I dropped my rating from 950 to 928. I played less competitive rounds and took the summer more casual, making a few road trips and increasing my course count by around 50. I focused on playing only in the largest events around the state of MN. By the time worlds rolled around I was nearly back into my prime, throwing several rounds in the high 900s. I decided I hadn't been challenged enough by the sprained ankle, so I shattered my heel bone (calcaneous) in my right foot. I have confidence and determination that I'll be able to throw 1000 rated golf again, but it's likely going to take me a while to get there.
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Here's the 2014 Goals thread from earlier in the year.


My goals were:

Originally Posted by bhadella View Post
2014: Get another Intermediate win. Get to the point that they call me a bagger in Intermediate. Build more skill and confidence in my forehand. Work on maintaining confidence and shaking off bad shots. Finish in top half of every event.
Got my second Intermediate win. Still at the point where no one calls me a bagger (in Intermediate). I do have much more contol and confidence in my forehand. Finished in top half of every event.

Not too shaby. My rating is only a 10 points better than last year but I know I'm more capable than before. My distance has improved. I still need to work on decision-making; I definitely press when I don't need to. I need to play smarter; there are many holes that I need to throw a something slow and neutral and just take my pars. The other consideration I need to focus on is stamina. When tired I end up with lots of lazy, early release kind of shots. I've gotta eliminate these. I've also moved towards more understable plastic for backhands which allows me to throw a slight hyzer which helps my release point.
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Finally made it to Flyboy.

And after setting a modest personal record for tournaments played in 2013, I've only played two in 2014---at the old Gran Canyon course in Brooksville, FL, and Ashe County. Quality over quantity.
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Shot 1014 rated in a tournament (Open) this year, first time over 1000 for me.
Helped run two tournaments.
Installed two stairways at local courses to improve usability.
60 hours of volunteer work on the courses so far this year.
Spent over $2000 on new disc golf stuff. (Not really an accomplishment )
3 Aces. One off of a tree (that's a first).
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I completed all the courses in my state. To be fair, WV only has 36 listed courses (of the three not listed, I've played one with the other two being private). Still, it's a good feeling to look at the map of courses in my home state and know I've played them all.
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increased my post count.
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