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Right Oblique getting Strained/Sore

I'm a RHBH noobie extrordanaire. LOL

I've been really trying to get my upper body to generate power working with hips too but man, my right oblique is starting to feel strained on the shots I try to put more power into.

Any advice? Is this normal until my muscles un-pussy themselves?
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I just switched from forehand to backhand a few months ago, and the first 2 weeks or so, my right oblique would be killing me the day after a round. It just seemed to slowly get a little better, and now I never feel it. So yes it is normal until your muscles man up!

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Be careful, I tore my right external oblique and cracked few ribs a few years ago. I wasn't using my hips and posture properly. Took 3 months to recover, but was throwing further with ease after learning to use hips and keep better balance/posture.

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Take a couple days off, and start stretching those muscles before playing.
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You could also try to strengthen your core by doing exercises 3 times a week. Here is an oblique V-ups exercise from the Ab-ripper X portion of P90x and you will feel it if you do it correctly . Once you get healed, this may help prevent future injuries to that area.

Just my .02
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thanks............yah, my "core" aint much of a core........LOL
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