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stinging nettles are brutal even 6 hours later
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Poison Ivy. I can't believe some people aren't allergic to it. That boggles my feeble little brain.

Honorable Mention: Stinging nettles

*just saw the post above me
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The three scourges of my home course, all of which have been murder on my socks and shoes...

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Russian olive trees are the worst!

Try throwing when you land under one of these. My buddy got a thorn that went straight into his bicep. They are shaped like a fish hook too so when you try to take it out it just digs in deeper. There is still a tiny piece in his bicep to this day. I just take a 3M safety drop from these now since there is no point in injury during a casual round.
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Every tree on the course. Except I hate open courses. So I guess my attempt to be funny is backfiring on me.

I'll go with either extremely tall grass or blackberries. Probably blackberries.
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Originally Posted by 12StonesScott View Post
I was the same way for 45 years. Could practically roll naked in the stuff and never have the least hint of irritation. My mother-in-law would always ask me to pull up the stuff from her landscaped areas where she didn't want to spray Brush-b-gone because it would kill the good plants. Did that one time too many and ended up with massive itching, oozing, even bleeding sores all up and down both legs. Took nearly a month to recover and still have a couple of faint scars from the worst spots. So don't push your luck.
Yeah, I have a buddy that was the same way. I always take a cold shower after being in poison ivy to make sure to get all the oil washed off of my skin before it sinks in to my pores to avoid the potentiality that I suddenly start reacting to it.
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Maybe not technically a plant, but when the silkworms come out on the Oak trees in the Monterey Bay it is pretty impressive how disgusting it can be to have 100s of little wormy things all over you. The upside is it looks like a scene from the fairy kingdom when the moths hatch.

Poison Oak is the real killer though, as many have mentioned. Carry some Wet Ones and Tecnu Scrub, and always take a shower after you have been in the PO.
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Last week's league was horrid. If you stay silent, you can hear the secretions hitting the leaves on the trees. Talk too much and get a mouthful. Throw off the fairway, prepare to be irritated. Clear the silk from your shoes every hole. Putt through webs.

Luckily it doesn't seem to last long, but when here, annoying.

In terms of plants (per original thread), Kudzu and Poison Ivy. However, I did get stinging nettle on me a couple years ago in Cali... that stuff SUCKS worse. So glad we don't have that here.
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Originally Posted by Happablap View Post
Poison Ivy. I can't believe some people aren't allergic to it. That boggles my feeble little brain.

Honorable Mention: Stinging nettles

*just saw the post above me
Everyone is technically 'allergic' to Poison Ivy.. it's just a question of how much your body will react to it. The allergy is progressive, too.. so even if you don't currently have any noticeable reaction to it, with repeated exposure eventually you will start having a reaction to it. :P So don't go rolling in it.

Also, I agree with nettles. They hurt.
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Well we have some nettles, poison ivy, and numerous bushes that are unknown to me that have thorns. In the summer we have those damn little green things that stick to all of your clothes if you happen to brush by them...I swear they jusp leap off the plant and just stick to whatever you happen to be wearing or carrying at that moment..."THEY ARE ALIVE DAMN!" I remember playing last summer with Gripenemys2k and he came out of the rough and looked like a green ewok...he was covered with those damn things...I was never in the rough and wouldn't you know I walked right next to him and then all of a sudden a few were on me...it's like they can move from static charges or some **** like that...amazing. As far as poision ivy goes, last year was the first year in all my life that I ever got a rash from that damn plant...and I had it for over 2 months...either that or I kept walking into the same damn area off 3's fairway at Tyler State Park going for the damn C pin on my 2nd and 3rd shots.
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