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Originally Posted by Teebird Elvis View Post

I'm a huge fanboy of the teebird.
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I'd stay away from drivers till you can control mids pretty well. But if you have to have a driver in your bag, Leopards are about the best first driver around. And they will serve you well through your entire DG career. I like them in champ plastic.
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Get yourself a stable to understable mid. Something like a Prodigy M3, M4 around 172 grams would be perfect. Along with that a putter of your choice, whatever feels good in the hand. Leave the Groove at home and play only with the mid and putter. Your game will thank you for it later on. It will help you develop proper form, technique and distance.
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K I took the advice and bought a tee bird. I am thinking about ordering a tee bird champion as well. Should I? I bought a krait champ b4 finding this forum. Also should I get a elite-z buzzz or since I'm a noob I will hav issues with it? All the local stores here don't have very good selection. The tee Bird I had was a 150 and it rolled into the water and lost it. So I need to replace

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i hope the kid takes Bobby B's sage advice. I would recommend getting a dx Whippet for multipurpose duties.
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Is the leopard echostar as durable as the star and champion?
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I found EchoStar to be not quite as durable as regular Star. Which is less durable than champion.

But it has all sorts of good feels, and maybe can take a hit better than Pro. Maybe.
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I, a fellow beginner, agree with everyone who says that midranges are great for learning to throw and high-speed drivers are much less great.

I own a couple fairway drivers, a gazelle and cheetah. They work great for me, but they're so badly beat up that I can't be sure whether they fly anything like they were designed to do. Innova's cheap DX plastic maims real easy.
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Originally Posted by Thumber View Post
I started out with an eagle as my driver and they still nest in my bag....great disc
^^^ This times 1000! Last Friday was literally the first time that there was not an Eagle in my bag. The only reason the Eagles got left in the trunk was because I wanted to force myself to throw my 3 new MVP fairways more, and work on using a Teebird for thumbers. The Eagle is one of the most versatile discs ever created. I used it when I started playing and threw only Thumber and sidearm. After a 9 year layoff I'm starting over and learning backhand, and my new Star Eagle and old 11x Champ Eagle are still among my most used discs. As I said they're easy to throw any way you want, and work well in any reasonable wind. . Others have mentioned the Teebird and Buzzz, and I'd give both of those thumbs up as well! I've just started throwing both in the last 8 months, and they're staples for me now. Don't buy the Champ Teebird yet. It's taken me a long time and a good number of thumbers to start to season the one I bought last September. Buy a couple DX's, and hold off a little while on the Champ. I also really like my MVP Anode. It really taught me to throw with snap, as it won't go far without it. . One final piece of advice (that I'm only starting to heed myself). Don't run out and buy every disc that people here rave about. Buy discs that people are STILL raving about a year or more after they're released (Eagle, Teebird, Buzzz, Roc, Wizard and Axis spring to mind). It's kind of funny to go back and read the original Groove thread, and watch the love turn to hatred and despair over time. Also, once you've bought a disc don't buy a competitor too soon. I bought a Comet shortly after buying a Fuse, and now the Fuse sits in my trunk and gathers dust. It was a really good disc, I just never took the time with it that I should have. Too bad really, as it wears my best dye job to date.
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