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Thumbs up Had a disc returned!

Over my lunch hour I got a call from someone that found a disc with my name and number. I had played a casual round yesterday and thought I went home with a full bag, but I've been known to walk off without one from time to time.

Anyway, the guy that called said that they were about halfway through their round, so I drove up to the park to meet them and get my disc back. Since call backs are extremely rare for me, I decided to grab a big box of found discs on the way out the door to thank the guy and his friends. When I caught up to them, I saw that it was a group of 5 HS students. I called them all over and let each one take their pick of what they wanted. They were all pretty excited about it, especially since it looked like they each just had one disc to begin with. I told them that I was just happy that they decided to call and return it, so it worked out great for everyone involved.

The disc that they found was a Star Wraith that I had lost about a year ago after I grip locked and sent it somewhere near a tall stretch of weeds along a creek bank. I bought a few more after losing that, but the newer ones were a lot more overstable and didn't have near the glide as this one. I've spent countless hours searching for it ever since then, but hadn't come up with it. Someone else had, though, because it was still in really good shape and the group today had found it in a different area of the park.

I know these type of posts usually turn into a big argument before being buried in the landfill and that is not my intention. I just wanted to share my story in case anyone else finds themselves in the same position. Hopefully these guys will be playing a little more now because of it. It really made my day when they called to give me back my disc, but I think I felt even better by being able to reward them for their effort and unselfishness.
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Nice story....
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since you shared a happy story, i'll share my not so happy story:
i lost my echo star xcal that i had thrown a total of 6 times & never got it to fly like my previous xcal. it flew deep in some tall bushes & i spent many an hour bushwacking, but i never found it. i wrote it off thinking it was for the best since i couldn't get it to fly the way i wanted anyway. that was 6+ months ago. a few weeks ago i got the call that someone had found it & i told them to just drop it by the local dg store (they have a lost&found). i have been to the dg store a couple of times & looked through the l&f, but it has not been there. i asked the owner what he thinks happened & he says the guy prbly never turned it in because he checks id of people that claim discs. i texted the guy who found & he says he did. i hope the person who finally ended up with it figures out how to throw it.
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Losing discs is inevitable.
I've come to accept that if I leave the course without a disc, it's gone and I don't expect to get it back.
If I do, it's a bonus.
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i have nightmares about losing my wraiths. so much so it effects my game sometimes. effect not affect right? i think thats right. left a buttery star d on the course friday after my clown shoe friend distracted me because nothings ever my fault and even tho the group behind us found my girl and knew what she was they returned it after i left to avoid a beating mostly i think so all will be right in the universe once again. glad when anyone gets their discs back.
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I would love to return a disc - the only plastic I've found has been blank. I'll get my chance I'm sure.
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Nice story. If there's a number I call it. It's good juju
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I always call and have been lucky enough to get calls.
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got a stack of used discs just for this reason. but now i do not ink so if i loose it its gonzo.

great return store now they will return a disc everytime they find one!!

i hope you told them that a choice of discs for everyone was not the normal reaction they will get.
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I have an Axis I lost, then aced with the day after it was returned.

I want people to call, so I always call. Do unto others ...
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