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Accuracy on posted scores, scorebook

I'm wondering of the overall accuracy of posted scores as mean scores for particular courses. Are players that score well the only ones to enter their scores? I have entered a couple of scores woefully inept. Am I that bad or are people just entering their best scores? It would be great if all players entered their score no matter if good or not as good.
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Some people enter all their scores, or most, but there are many people who only enter really good rounds.
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I always enter my scores, good or bad, but I only occasionally enter doubles round scores. I'm not really sure how accurate DGCR SSA ratings are, but since I don't have a PDGA membership, it's interesting to me to try to track my DGCR rating, for better or for worse. Dubs rounds aren't rated anyway.
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I'll be honest, I only entered the first one I entered because I hit an ace and wanted to track it. I also entered my first par. I then decided I would enter all my scores, did it one more time, then gave up because I don't have time and it's a little cumbersome. If there was a WP8 app that automatically linked my score, I might use it, but there's not, and I don't even use the apps I have to track scores on my phone currently.
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I wouldn't put too much stock in average/entered rounds on DGCR. If you learn what particular players' skill levels are on here, you could maybe look at their individual rounds, but a good portion of people are going to enter really good rounds, only rounds in unusual places, rounds that they got an ace, etc. The composite course score may not be worth much.

Another thing to consider is the average player who would enter scores is better than your average chucker, so the score on here is going to be above average almost regardless. I'm no pro disc golfer but I was beating a majority of the chuckers at my home course 2 months after I started playing.
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I post all the complete rounds I play (good or bad). I'm attempting to match up PDGA rating to DGCR rating. I have a long way to go.
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I have my own spreadsheet on my computer that I put all my individual rounds on. I also put them in here. I also put all my doubles rounds in here. It just is what I do. If I am playing a new course, I might look at the course average but only to give me an idea of what I should be able to do. Then no more. I know course averages greatly depend on the caliber of people that normally play the course.
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My scores are tracked in Easy Scorecard Pro instead of DGCR. I entered a few scores up here early in when I really sucked, and can't be bothered to double track.
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I keep all of my rounds recorded, good or bad, individual or doubles, tournament or casual. I like to monitor my improvement.
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You really have to take the course score averages on here with a grain of salt. Along with people not entering their crappy rounds, you have instances where a large majority of rounds for some courses are entered by a small number of people (864 rounds entered on my home course, 683 of them are mine). You also have people not using the correct tee designations, or making sure the hole distances are correct for the exact pin configuration they played. Some may not even know which pins relate to which numbers.
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