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Rain Checklist - Tourney

Local PDGA tourney is this weekend.
Good is that for some odd reason as an 850 rated Masters player for some odd reason I play better in the rain. In a torrential downpour for 12 out of 18 holes at league this summer on the sane course I shot a 935 rated round when most everyone else sucked.

My big thing is keeping my hands and discs dry and keep my glasses from dogging up. Seems like I never have enough towels.
Going to take my old man stroller this weekend and want some advice in how to make the best of the conditions.

This is what I normally take for rain tourneys.

Extra clothes ( change clothes at lunch, new socks, extra shoes the whole nine yards)
Nike ACG short, dispels rain and I can take the sleeves off to help keep forearms dry as to not get my hands soaked.

Big umbrella

Lots of towels

Birdie bag and Bag of dry dirt to keep my hands grippy

Good star plastic or discs that are grippy for my go to drivers

I have a fee discs that aren't grippy and I really need 'me
Champ sidewinder
M3 and M4 proto

Any other suggestions to keep my hands dry and discs. Any kind of talc or powder?

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I use climbers chalk, more for humidity than rain around here but it works great and you can get a chalk ball for $3 at most climbing/outdoor stores.

I didn't buy it specifically for DG but I have it laying around with climbing gear so it's always been cheap and convenient.
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Climbing chalk...check !!!
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microfiber towels
Ziplock bags
backup umbrella
first aid kit
pain relief med of your choosing
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Keep it simple. Spending a lot of time, effort and concentration on staying dry and working with rain gear can burn up my focus on my game. I don't have real grip issues. Wiping the disc down usually is sufficient for me, but others have differing takes. The only rain rounds this summer have been so warm, any rain coat, gear has been counter productive, but an umbrella fitted to my Go-Kart has not. A rain baggy for the cart would have helped some, to keep my gear drier.
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I carry a large (gallon or so) ziplock bag that I can use for the scorecard. TDs often distribute small bags, but the large bag allows me to keep the card inside, and put my hand in it to mark scores.

If it's a warm and intermittent rain expected, dri-fit clothes are great. I have dri-fit shorts, as well as shirts. (I tried it once in a cool rain, and nearly froze).
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Roll your towels up and put them in Ziplocks. I can usually fit 3 small microfiber in one Ziploc. Keeps them dry and organized
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I find I compete better in bad weather because I prepare for it and keep myself more comfortable than the competition. Keep your socks and your undergarments dry. A change of clothes sounds like a good idea between rounds if it pours on you. I'd recommend waterproof shoes with good grip on the soles, such as lightweight hiking boots, but do whatever keeps you dry and comfy. My hands aren't usually a grip problem for me, so I have nothing to add there.
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golf umbrella, not some totes thing you buy at JC penney but a big boy.

Take a golf towel or regular towel and weave it in the umbrella itself, doesn't have a chance of getting wet. if you have ever watched any golf on TV and seen caddies you will know what i am talking about.

Gortex anything. My brother was in the military and gave me a gortex outfit. this thing is wind resisitant and water resistant. saved me many a stroke.

the key to playing in the rain is to not let it get you down, once you get negative and start to hate it your score will follow. I always feel like i gain a few strokes on the field in bad weather as most people just don't want to deal with it, to where as i absolutely love it.

as you stated dry clothes to change into in between rounds. Maybe even a 2nd pair of shoes depending on how wet they get.
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I use a real chamois...not a cham-wow and I have an umbrella holder on my old man cart.
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