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Originally Posted by jrawk View Post
Played Random Dubs today and drew odd-man. So i shot a 47 playing Cali on a very solid par 54 course. That was good for 1st place and $45.
winning Cali is always sweet, cause ya don't have to share
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Originally Posted by heartman View Post
Big shout out to KatanaFrenzy!!!

He shot like -10 his second round @ Frog Pond tourney @ Alexander (Lawrenceville, GA) to come back from the 3rd card to take the win!!!

... AND he had an ace during that round apparently too!!!
46 was also the hot round yesterday for all divisions (including Pro) ... not bad at all
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Not disc golf, but in my first casino experience I doubled my money at the blackjack table by hitting 4 straight blackjacks ... not too bad

... and after the 4th I got out as fast as I could
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took my bother in law who is 19 and never heard of disc golf before to the local course this morning, think i got him hooked, we played 2 rounds and he shot +19 the first round and +10 the second. i shot+2, 0, then went back this afternoon for a 3rd round and shot another even. so pretty dang happy with how the day went!
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Played terribly at sky high today. It was my first time up this season and i was really looking forward to it. I joined 2 guys on the first tee. Turns out one of them is an injection molder at innova. So anyways i played terrible, couldnt turn anything. The elevation makes everything super stable and i just couldnt pull it together. I was gonna ask the guy if he knew where i could get two destroyers that fly the same but i was playing so poorly that i couldnt bring myself to start talking ****. I still had fun and ill be back there soo
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I played the way that is my recent favorite, w/my kids playing w/me Well, my 7 1/2 yr old was playing. My 5 yr old threw on 2 holes, then got upset when we made her caddy for her older sister heh. Beryl is doing great after only a few weeks of playing tho and it's very exciting. I even made a thread about it!
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Just finished up another round at my home course and set another personal best of 57 (+3). Finished my round with an even back 9 (one bogie, one birdie) and I'm really starting to notice I have more control in certain situations.

Things to work on: putts outside of 18'. I counted at least three strokes I could've picked up by making a 20-30' putt and not two putting. Also I need to get a little more control off the tee. All my bogies this round were due to poor drives.
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Played Bald Eagle standard layout today in the rain, this was only my third time through since installing baskets 2 weeks ago. Shot a -7 (20) for a new personal best (pre-baskets my best was -6) and course record. I carried a DX SM Roc and a SSS Wizard, didn't use a towel, just let the wet sand stick.
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Showed up just in time for league yesterday. Had no time to warm up, we flipped discs for groups as soon as I got there.

So my first tee shot was my first throw of the day. It turned out to be the longest throw I've ever had. It was somewhere in the 375' range. Was pin high but about 25' to the side in the woods. Had an open lane and drilled the putt though.

From there went on to shoot a 54 (-1), my best score in league play. Ended up leaving with the same tag I arrived with though...
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Just got back from my home course, super stoked. I got a +5 (59), beat my best score by 2 throws, and FINALLY scored in the 50's for the first time on any course. Out of the 5 bogeys, 4 of them were on holes of over 450 feet, so I really only had one major misstep all round. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing my first true spit out. The putt came in on a slight hyzer from about 25 feet even now I don't know how it slipped through the chains. It really sucks too because that putt was following probably my best upshot ever of around 250 feet after a horrible drive on a 480' hole. So, you could say I got a +4, but I have to count that spit through as a bogey.

All in all, it was a great round. The cool thing is that I played the whole round with 4 discs; Amp, Vision, Tangent, and Ion.

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