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Originally Posted by HyzerJose View Post
Played the best tourney of my life. 3 rounds, 3 course records. 1067 1076 and the third round isn't in yet but it was the best of the 3. 1080ish. Won by 22.
Well I won leagues today but I must say this ^ is very impressive. Well done sir.
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Originally Posted by HyzerJose View Post
Played the best tourney of my life. 3 rounds, 3 course records. 1067 1076 and the third round isn't in yet but it was the best of the 3. 1080ish. Won by 22.
I feel like this should just end the thread. Awesome, awesome stuff.
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BOOM thread closed, can't beat that. LOL. Move along, nothing to see here.
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this isn't a competition thread. quit being dorks.
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So I went out today at William Jewell College and hadn't been playing very well and the trend continued. Went through with some pretty crappy drives and upshots so I was looking forward to ending my round and going home. However, this round turned into one of my favorite rounds of all-time very quickly...

I was collecting a couple of my drives on #5 and was just about to throw my upshot/approach at the basket when I saw this kid walking down the hill towards me, he was probably about 6 or 7. I threw my approach and then looked back and saw the kid was right next to me. He asked me what I was doing and everything so I tried to explain to him the best I could what the sport was called and everything as I walked down towards my putt. I holed out and handed him my putter to see if he wanted to throw it. He gave it a few throws from about 5-10 feet away and the last time it went into the basket. By this time he was smiling and, after me again what the sport was called, ran back up to his parents who were watching from the road. At the end both of us were smiling and I could hear him talking to his parents about it as I walked towards hole 6.

Made my freaking day, and made it possibly one of the best rounds I have ever played.
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Went to the forest today where we have a crazy object course. Played the "where the hell is the fairway" layout, called so cause it is usually the first reaction we get when we show the course to somebody.

Didnt shoot too bad, had a -5 on 13 holes. Had some really nice drives and also realised once again how much easier trees are to hit compared to baskets.

Had to look for the same disc 10 minutes twice ( consecutive drives ) and gave up both times just to find it laying 1 meter off the fairway that I walked home on. Also found the disc of a buddy that we looked for for 20 minutes earlyer this month, it was on a totally different hole. And the dog got lots of exercise ^^
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Played Boyertown for the first time today. Finished with a -7.
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Played fairly well until i slightly injured my foot and tried to play catch up on the last 4 holes. should have tied for 1st, but bogeyed 2 of the last 4 holes, by trying to do too much with my approaches. I was safely in 2nd, so no risk in going for it, but still dropped 2 stupid shots there, and I hate bogeying on this course. Hopefully will redeem and not make stupid decisions tonight at doubles.

I've learned that my decision making is suspect. I must think a little too highly of my skills sometimes, and go for shots that just don't make sense. The rounds where i limit that, I score VERY well. The ones i try to do too much, I suck. I think doubles hurts me in this regard, as the move in random doubles is "Go for it!" which is polar opposite of my normal playing style.
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Played a putter only round earlier. Bogeyed short holes with OB drives, and parked all the longer holes. Had a lot of fun even if it went different than expected. 351' parkjob with no wind assistance was satisfying with my Ion.

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Like doo doo. Was quite frustrating.
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