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Oh, and note to self...must copy Bender's bag, for it is sick beyond words.[/QUOTE]

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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
-Not sure if being taken for a ride -
I'm sure you are, we all are.
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so you all think the white neutron mvps are irregular still right?

this guys seriously rollin the dice if thats the case
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i wouldn't say irregular.

i would say flatter in most cases.
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Originally Posted by B3NDER View Post
^ Delicious.

Just felt like posting this pic of my all MVP Stormtrooper bag:

It's .... Just... So... Beautiful....
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Hawt B3nder. Just Hawt.
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My tangent is a storm trooper and i drew a stick figure with a unicorn horn on his head. His name is uni-man.
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Originally Posted by Soups View Post
So MVP for the summer; other companies for the winter
I played with MVP all winter. At one point, it was really really cold out and for some reason my Proton Ion became insanely grippy after I would towel it off. So grippy it was sticking to my hand and I had to stop using it. I'm not sure why that happened, but it sucked.

I play with MVP putters in all conditions. I used to play with Wizards, and I had to towel them off just as much. I can't play with a wet disc no matter how grippy the plastic is.

I think that will putters, really all discs but especially putters, a lot of it is psychological. If you prefer grippy putters and think yours are better because they're base plastic, then you won't like to putt with MVP putters no matter what. If you don't mind the idea of premium plastic putters, you should give them a shot.
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That's awesome! I need to carry a towel with me when I play :/

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Originally Posted by Phenn View Post
My first thought when I saw it was, "Oh, they don't have enough discs in each class to fill up the chart--hence the LHBH chart."

I wouldn't be surprised if that was dropped when they fill their line out more.
I'd be surprised
The driver chart has 6 across, sure I could do 8. If MVP ever has more than 4 models per speed class, then hooray!
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