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The Moore city infrastructure is wiped out financially. When the Little River dg community is ready to rebuild, if 630 of us on dgcr will each give $10 eighteen new baskets can be provided to the golfers. That's way down the list of priorities right now, and our support of Moore is needed in many ways, but still its a thought. I'm in. Bet Innova, Discraft, DGA and Gateway might help as well.
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Thanks for your thoughts and support guys.

bayouace, good thoughts here. The biggest problem for the course is that the majority of the holes were in pretty dense trees. Most holes were short but you had to hit tight lines. I haven't seen the course yet but judging by aerials, the trees might be too damaged to re-open the course. (This is all speculation on my part.)

We'll get the city of Moore back on its' feet first and foremost and figure out what to do with the course at the appropriate time.

Sparky is the one that has put this course together and I hope that he and his family are doing all right.
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I like the idea of a contributing $10 a course but yeah, quite low on the priority list.
Will make donation to the Red Cross or something along those lines first...

Godspeed to all the Oklahomans who whose lives have been turned upside down, and have to figure how to make things work until life returns to anything that can remotely pass for normal.
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This is a snapshot of the news with overlays of the hole locations for Little River DGC. I did not put 14 and 15 as it was off the screen to the north. ->
Photo is looking west-southwest. The straight streets in the upper left run east/west and the cemetery in the middle-right runs north to south.

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Just saw this. Its a nice gesture.

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Wife just showed me the link, this is a nice gesture.

Originally Posted by rd.bittle View Post
Just saw this. Its a nice gesture.

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Sparky is doing well and busy with helping the recovery and cleanup efforts. I visited the area to help out as well and stopped by the course today after seeing the facebook pictures with mangled baskets and all. The park is a mess, really a mess. The great thing is that there are volunteers EVERYWHERE and despite most of the neighborhoods still being a literal pile of rubble, it's already looking a lot better than it did a week ago. The park where the course is had a large boy scout troop and probably 300 Mormon volunteers out there cutting and hauling and working hard on the park. The note from the pdga is nice, but replacing the disc golf course is absolutely the thing of last importance in the area and won't be thought about for months to come. Unless Sparky has something to say about it, and I guess he might!!!
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Just an FYI, they've re-opened the southern portion of the park after some cleanup in recent days. Still lots of debris on the northern half. Course is still in rough shape and will be for some time.
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Need a local TD or club member to give me a shout from the Moore area. PM me
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Any update? Will be there in two weeks...
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