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Default Noob showing appreciation thread.

I was finishing up a round yesterday when a guy I've seen a dozen times on the course came up and started a conversation. He is pretty much one of the "local pro's" at my course. He asked if I wanted to play a round and as intimidated as I was I said yes knowing I could learn a lot from him ( which I did ). I didn't embarrass myself too bad and played decent. Today I hooked up with a group of guys for some doubles and had a blast. They were experienced players as well and was very supportive. I threw good and could tell I earned some respect.
Anyhow, I just wanted say you guys that have been playing for years and take noobs under your wing THANKS! I hope this is the rule and not the exception. I've had a great time playing so far. This game is the Shiz!
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I agree with this sentiment; I played a VBB in April and in my first round group were a couple of guys from the area who obviously knew their stuff. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, and I hope to get to know some of the local guys better.
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imo, playing with someone above your level is the best thing you can do for your game. watch, learn, repeat. what a rush to get to play with the big boys!
one day you'll get to pay it forward to some ambitious up and comer too.
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I've been playing for about a year now and I every time I get to play a round with someone I enjoy it a lot more. Wether it be me showing the new guy the course and how to incorporate your hips into throwing or watching and mentally taking notes to the experienced guy I always have a better time than playing alone.
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Originally Posted by TheDudeAbides View Post
Anyhow, I just wanted say you guys that have been playing for years and take noobs under your wing THANKS! I hope this is the rule and not the exception. I've had a great time playing so far. This game is the Shiz!
Great story! Two things..

1) Absolutely welcome. I enjoy introducing people to the game and playing rounds with new people. Keep playing, and like Kaiser said, remember to pay it forward when you're all awesome and such.

2) Great nickname. The Dude certainly does abide.
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A little while ago I played with a guy that I didn't know. We were both putting on the practice basket as he was walkin away I asked him if he was by him self. He said yes, and I asked if he'd wanna play together...At the end of the round he finished -9, and I finished at par. I said to him, man I've never seen someone hit so many birdies in one round. He kinda just laughed and said thanks I'll take that as a compliment. I found out later that day that his name was Steve Lloyd, one of the oldest local pros in the area. He's been sponsored by Innova since the 1990s. He was very supportive and complimented me on good drives/upshots/putts through out the entire round. I always tell people, play with someone/groups that are better than you. You aren't gonna learn any thing/continue to grow your skill if you play with the same guys all that time that you whoop on every round. Every now and then I still play by myself. Sometimes I'll see a couple guys about to play, they're carrying 2 discs.. more times than not neither of those 2 discs will be a putter, but 2 super high speed drivers that they can't throw more than 200 feet.. and I'll play a round with them. I always get the same question.. why do you carry so many discs? I'll go through my bag.. show them every thing I carry.. explain what I use every one for. Then ask them if they know any thing about the disc they're using. 80% of the time their answer is, no I found it a while ago so it's what I throw. That's when I usually suggest going to grab a Leopard/Aviar combo and just play a bunch of rounds with just those 2 discs.. then come find me in a month and tell me how much you've improved.

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Great post dude. Thank you to those who help us noobies!
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Always play your local minis. It's a great way to get to know people. Also play some of the cheaper tournaments, like ace races and what not. It's a great way to meet people.

I've recently got decent enough that I won't hold up our mini, I started playing open with the more advanced people, they are very kind to my situation and Let me play with em. I tied for 4th today out of 12. A couple of months playing with them and I'll be getting alot better.
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Nice post Dude. For many of us, it is all about the love for the game. Many "noobs" are considered an obstacle to more seasoned players. This is usually all about the lack of opportunity to be mentored on the game, etiquette, rules and courtesys. Welcome to the game and pay is forward man.
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Right on! Playing with people better than me is one thing I really need to start doing to improve my game. I am typically bringing friends along with me who aren't really DGers I give them a mid and a putter to throw. I need to make some friends who actually know something about disc golf because I am still very much a noob.
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