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Default What app do you use to track throw distance?

I've been using uDisc for a while, but it has seemed to be pretty off at times with start and end locations, and I'd really like to get an accurate measure of how far I'm driving. For reference, I'm using iOs.
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None. I really don't care about that sort of thing, and if I ever did, I'd probably just break out my GPS receiver or go to a football field.
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I don't. I'm more worried about hitting my line and being in a good place for an upshot or an easy putt. I have heard of uDisc, but haven't ever looked into it. I wanted to get some GPS stuff to accurately measure some holes on my local course and on a course I'm developing, but I am really not interested in using it to measure my drives.
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GPS on you phone is only accurate to around 30 feet or so I think. So theoretically you could be off on a distance by as much as 60 feet, not accurate enough to be worth it. If you really wanted something accurate you could probably make a laser rangefinder work well enough, but those are expensive...
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The GPS system with iOS is accurate to 16' per measurement. So, if it's at its worst, that's 16' on the starting location and 16' on the finish. Potentially 32' of error. And you're not going to find an app that does it better. That's just the inherent GPS signal for iOS.

That being said, I use uDisc and see very little issue with it. The teeboxes show up on the GPS, so if I don't show up in the correct place, I just adjust. That gets me to +/- 16 every time. I can live with that.
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On Android, I have seen ball golf range finder apps that let you drop a pin on your starting location, and drop a pin on the ball location to measure distance instead of using the GPS. This way the accuracy is up to the user and not the GPS. I didn't end up keeping any of those apps for various reasons, but it might give you another place to look.
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Is buying a walking wheel and cones not an option? That's what I plan to do. I can keep the wheel in my car along w/the cones and when I use the soaring field at the park, just walk some distance off
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Im a golfer...and a pretty serious one. I step off the yardage. Its actually fairly accurate.

And given my relative newbie status at disc golf, it does well enough for now. I've looked at GPS programs, but havent found one I really wanted to pay for yet.
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