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Originally Posted by vonDrehle View Post
Delivered to the recipient, mine has been.
are you yoda?
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I got mine the other day. thanks Steveo. Got a new phone and it can't manage to upload to where I can put the link here. So I'll say what I got. I got an awesome light blue Tursas that went into the bag immediately. I had to pull it back out for the picture. I also got a clear vision and blue jackal. Both I've been curious about, so I'll be taking them to the field soon. Also included was some great beef jerky, kids mowed through it while I was at work. A Bearded Brothers bar, in the bag. a mini that looks like it might be glowy. about 5 bubble mailers (going to use these!) and now my favorite part! The beer! I got a Star Valkyrie (haven't touched it yet) and 2 Hopadillos! delicious, it's pretty great getting treated to craft beer.

My box will go out soon, the last piece should come in in the next couple of days... been stupid busy with my GF's kids coming out, sorry Steve for the delay, it was truly an awesome package and I will try to get some pictures of it as soon as I figure out what the problem is with the phone connecting to picasa
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Originally Posted by jkdisc View Post
are you yoda?
Problem with it, you have?
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Maybe tomorrow will be the day....

In the meantime I will just continue to salivate and hope for a generous Santa
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So, I had a bad day at work. Just the typical dealing with families who think they know more than the doctors and nurses. Then I make a comment on facebook and get blasted for voicing my opinion. (Sometimes you just can't get idiots to understand). Get home and the wife gets out to get the mail and I am dragging a sleepy 7 year old and a sick (ear ache) 2 year old into the house. Here I am loaded down with 2 kids, my backpack from work, a backpack diaper bag, my supper that the in-laws picked up for me, and I see my wife coming down the driveway with what looks like a pizza box. I asked where she got pizza from and she said "it's not a pizza box idiot, it's something that came in the mail with your name on it." I try to figure out a way to grab it from her while balancing everything else. I manage to see the return address.......Secret Santa......Oh yeah, this is a good day.

I hurry into the house gently dropping kids as quickly as I could. One on the couch and the 2 year old on top of the cat (per his request).
Into the kitchen I go with my box of goodies.
Cut open the box and reach in without even looking down in it.

Pull out
177g Zero Hard Mace ---- that could have been the only thing in the box, and I still would have been happy.

second out
177g Fuzion Renegade --- I am over the moon

177+ Special Edition Drone --- Never tried one, but have always heard great things. Seriously happier than a fat kid eating cake.

Blue Little Flyer mini with GGGT stamp --- My day is complete, but I realize, I am not through

Awesome painting --- Looks like a Greenish crashing sea with silver wave tops with a basket in the center ---- it doesn't get any better than this

I am so pumped, so excited, I just do a little dance. Knock the box over and hear that there is more inside....Seriously, it can't be

Purple little flyer mini ---- has a marble look to it with hints of red --- totally awesome

171g Fuzion Renegade --- as I realize what it is my excitement draws the attention of the rest of my family. They have come to see what is going on, I don't notice them.

Last out the box
179g Zero Hard Mace ---- I pull it out and say, very loudly I might out "No Fu(king Way!!!" my 2 year old, who is in the repeating stage exclaims "fu(king way" All I can do I laugh, I am way to excited to be upset at this point.

To my secret santa in NH, you sir have totally gone above and beyond expectations. I am super pumped and can't wait to get out and chunk this fine stash of plastic I received.


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Originally Posted by shroom View Post
Glad you like the package! I wasn't gonna reveal myself, but I forgot to include a note and had to point out that the painting is actually melted crayons, so make sure it doesn't get left in a hot car for too long or it may get a little soft! I've had other pieces in temps up to 90 degrees without too much issue, but after that it may leave marks on surfaces it comes in contact with. Happy Christmas in July!!
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One of my packages arrived at my parents' house yesterday! So excited to get over there and collect it!!
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:-( still no pictures of the ones I sent out. will try and ge tin contact with my girlfriends sister to get the package at my house.
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July Secret Santa by ajbergal, on Flickr

Awesome package, it includes...
Orange 2012 Ace Race Zombee
Max Weight Bronze Ti Buzzz
Orange 10 yr. Buzzz
Cool Swirl Star Firebird
Orange North Carolina Barnet Park Mini

Thanks again for the awesome package!
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Thanks Santa!

I got:
Proton Ion
Mystery Journey Post stamped driver?
Star Teebird
3 flavors of Buzzzes
Concave (yeti-style) mini
Other stickers/swag

Love the box! Thanks sonoray
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