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I live in a nice neighborhood I Oakland. Prolly someone tryin to see if side door was unlocked and they grabbed te first thing. Most people I play with don know where I live and this was the one time I left em out. Usually in my trunk
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Originally Posted by threevok View Post
Sorry for your loss. It could possibly still be behind the gate but in a different time or dimension. Have you seen any of these jokers lurking around?
Fail for not linking in the Original Star Gate. I prefer Kurt Russell to MacGyver thank you very much
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Star Trek TNG ruined me for all other space reality shows.
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So pretty much nothing is off limits to joke about...until someone pokes fun at someone who left there discs outside to be stolen. Really?

And to the OP, sorry about your discs/bag. I'm sure if they show up online, someone from here will notice and give you a heads up. Good luck
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There are nice neighborhoods in Oakland?

J/k, I have a couple buddies out that way, and I'll ask them to keep an eye out for any CE stuff with that number on it.
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I feel for you dude. I love trolling, but I'll never make fun of you for losing discs. I put discs before everything. If my bag walked away I wouldn't sleep for weeks. Never mind that I have backups in a box in my room. The backups aren't the same as the go-tos.
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Originally Posted by masterlurk View Post
So my discs were stolen from my side yard last night. mystery ranch camo bag. 3 Ce discs. All dayglo. CE leopard, TL, Firebird and 10x eagle. my name was on all of them. rex with a 510-325-3484 $$$ I also had some nice wraiths and buzzz's. please keep your eye out. im guessing the person wanted to break in. couldn't and took what they could.
Also be on the lookout at any PIAS or some pawn shops.
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Yes there are (a few) nice 'hoods in Oakland.

I'd check some local dumpsters. My guess is grabbed it, figured out what 'it' was, and dumped it.
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Sorry that happened to you. Was the whole bag stolen, or did they only take the discs? I only ask becasue Mystery Ranch makes the Mahal, and that's one expensive bag. Just getting that back would be a "victory" of sorts.
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Ya that sucks, I live and play in SF. If I see anything out at the course or online I will let you know
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