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That sucks. Good luck. Hope you get them back.
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Originally Posted by masterlurk View Post
I live in a nice neighborhood I Oakland. Prolly someone tryin to see if side door was unlocked and they grabbed te first thing. Most people I play with don know where I live and this was the one time I left em out. Usually in my trunk
first time i have ever heard that
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have any PIAS or any other disc stores that accept trade in's. I would alert the as well as looking at ebay and so forth.
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Originally Posted by B3NDER View Post
*Waits to see if this snowballs into a "wareagle" type thread*

- I'd keep an eye out on craigslist also.
Why would it do that. This user has been on here for a while, he is not asking for anything other than people to play detective.
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Originally Posted by hempies View Post
I'd check some local dumpsters. My guess is grabbed it, figured out what 'it' was, and dumped it.
My guess as well. In my head:

"Hey, pull over, I'm gona grab that bag."


*scumbag grabs bag, opens to find no cameras, CDs, etc*

Both scumbags: "There's nothing in here but ****ing frisbees, WTF?!?!?!"

Good luck in getting your stuff back.
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Good luck getting it back. My wallet got ganked a week ago and I feel your pain.
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Originally Posted by threevok View Post
Star Trek TNG ruined me for all other space reality shows.
I'm guessing you have a Fathead[TM] of Deanna Troy on your bedroom wall...

Originally Posted by zjones9 View Post
So pretty much nothing is off limits to joke about...until someone pokes fun at someone who left there discs outside to be stolen. Really?
Easy there---I thought MikeC's minor troll was spot on, but to some of these members, their discs are their children[as long as the wife isn't aware of those feelings].
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We will all be keeping an eye out for you. Hope we can help.
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If you have any neighbors with young children I would check with them. Nothing like a bag full of brightly colored "frisbees" to give little kids sticky fingers. (and no I dont mean all little kids are thieves they mit have grabbed them just to play with them)
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I quickly checked craigslist last night for you (although I'm sure you already did) and all the discs were of people who know the terminology. Obviously that could mean 2 things, they know what they stole, but I'm thinking more than likely they have no clue and won't put it up there.

Keep us posted.
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