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esp xl, soft focus, rff wizard
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LHBH River or Underworld off the tee hoping to finish a bit left, then go from there.
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Pinnacle rival
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Then probably upshot with tangent and finish with anode
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beat in S-PD, probably wizards from there.
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Amp up the center
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Low line drive with a GL Saint, nice and controlled with minimal fade, and try to stay in the fairway. If a placement shot was needed i would go with a GL Core
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ion approach and putt.
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Originally Posted by VictorB View Post
probably a cFD from the tee for accurate placement.
This. Or an amp if I'm really feeling it that day.
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YES! A course for the Hole of the Day that I play ALL THE TIME!

Sean said it right, you can Eagle this hole if you have a pimp drive and a ton of accuracy behind it. I've had four looks at the two from about 50-60 feet out but have never converted it. I've also had a ton of par saves because I was going for that pimp drive. Placement is key on this entire course.

I throw an Opto or Goldline Striker on the drive (depends on which one feels better in the hand at that moment). Pump it out into the middle about 330-350, throw my upshot with one of the following depending on where I end on the fairway. Ti Wasp if I have to throw a hyzer into the lane from the left (not desirable) Grip Line Spike from the middle or right (right not desirable). TM2 Pure to finish for the three and move on.

Anyone who hasn't played here is truly doing themselves a disservice by not having been there yet.
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