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Roc for the short, PD for the long.
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max weight ch groove
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Probably a Star Leopard. It appears as if there's a slight line. I can't wait to play this hole in two weeks (not).
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ESP Cyclone.....?
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why not.. lets go FH Roller with my Firebird .. hopefully should be able to get a KC in from there
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looks open to me

Surge ss rhfh....nice little s through the pines magnet clean up.....next hole please
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I played this a couple weekends ago at the Tree Bash Open and all of the holes are like this. Finding a lane is tough. Par is 3 and used a Legacy Ghost to get through the trees and clutch x2 for the Par.
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Pinnacle rival... Watch it kick off a tree and hope I can keep an eye on where it lands. Then ill pull my head out of my *** and go for a placement shot with a buzzz or drone depending on where I landed
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I may be completely wrong but it looks like there is a gap in the trees top right, I might go with a spike hyzer with a GL Villain over everything and hope to get close. Otherwise Im probably going with a midrange roller.
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Champ Firebird flat and firm at about 1:00 off the tee, hope for a good skip and a run at the basket.

Might also try the FH roller here. from the Tee picture it looks like a crap shoot the whole way - I hate holes like this - LOL TREES GOOD LUCK! From the basket though, it looks like there's an open fairway of sorts and probably some cool local routes.
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