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I've only ran into a couple in my 10 years during casual rounds. Now mini and casual rounds are different. It seems like the number goes to 1 in 2-3.
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It is hit-or-miss for me. I have met some of the coolest people ever by asking randoms to play with our group, or asking to play with theirs. I have also met some of the most annoying A$$holes ever too, and the whole round I regret even asking them to play.
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I'm pretty level headed most of the time. Everynow and then I'll cuss a bit,but I'll yell out, sorry!

I'm one of those guys you see at the course who is willing to help another if they lose a disc or is willing to help someone if they ask me "how did you do that"?

I'm usually a goofball most of the time.
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i have yet to play with douchebags(i have seen quite a few) but there were 3 guys that on my first day ever at the local course let me play with them, super nice, very helpful, but playing in a few tournaments i have had a couple annoying a$$ players on my cards(have also had really cool people) but at the local course in SD people are very friendly and helpful, and as i am getting better and better if i go play a solo round i try to pick the newest looking group of guys and play the round with them to help them out(be it throwing tips, or spending 10min throwing rocks at a disc)
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Originally Posted by SteezeOG View Post
Last year when I was in the DFW area I hit up three courses. At each one I just walked up to the first bunch of locals I saw and started talking. Each one was friendly and super helpful with navigation. I wouldn't actually say I had a bad experience disc golfing until yesterday and that was a local guy. For the most part I find the average disc golfer to be above average in the nice and cool department.
DFw disc golfers are mostly very friendly....southern hospitality
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The d-bags are on the ends of the bell curve. Either they're in the novelty phase of enjoying frisbee along with visual cover from parents/police, or they're self-important pros/AM1s.

There's a member of Team Innova who's not welcome back in the store at DN. That honor is usually reserved for belligerent drunks
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I just wanted to post that in the short time I have been playing I've met some really nice peeps on the course. I played competitive sports as a youth and coached my son in baseball for several years. it's crazy how some people are. I know DG is very competitive and there are douches everywhere, but so far I don't see it. this is one aspect of the game I really like!

100%agreed. Been playing for 2 months now and, even in the handicap money league I joined(where, because of my crappy handicap, I've won the pot once already) I get tips in the middle of the round from more experienced players. My bro in law lost a disc in a town about 30 miles away. A week later he got a call from a local that found his disc. Majority of players are good people
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Originally Posted by MrGlass01 View Post
Just got back from a round met two guys out there, both good dudes. I have met some cool peeps also. You will run into the d bags too, but in my case for the vast majority of people I run into out there are solid. Have found several people that can play at the same time as me, it's nice not to shoot solo all the time.
Didn't we meet at Highbridge last summer, maybe the year before? I was with my friends Josh and Brandon. Brandon was the little dude with the tats, and was very much a newbie. We rented a cart. You were staying in the little cabin?
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My local course is a mediocre 18 hole thats rated around a 2 or so located in a small town in southeastern washington. Most of the people I see on the course I know by first name. Not too often that I get to meet new people. Today was quite different. As my group is walking down the fairway, we notice an older gentleman in a group nail around a 100ft upshot on a nearby hole. Me and my friends yell "Nice Shot"! One of the ladies in his group says "Ya, Not bad for being in the Disc Golf Hall of Fame". They continued on to their next hole and we kinda just stood there gaping. Later on we met up with them on another hole and introduced ourselves. The guy turned out to be Tom Schot a former World Champ. Very cool down to earth guy. He signed a bunch of our discs, took some pics, and gave the one 11yr old kid in our group his 2011 Worlds sunglasses off his head. Later on when I got home I read that he founded and designed DeLaveaga! This goes to show you never know who you might bump into on your local course.
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Originally Posted by DanJon View Post
Didn't we meet at Highbridge last summer, maybe the year before? I was with my friends Josh and Brandon. Brandon was the little dude with the tats, and was very much a newbie. We rented a cart. You were staying in the little cabin?
have not made it up there just yet. next summer.
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