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Have to throw my mvp hat in the ring, Ive thrown Aviars, Focuses and so forth but my go to putter this year has been the anode, with the ion as shaped line putter.
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Pure. Best Putting putter around, and the Opto drives pretty well.
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omega super soft has been my go to putter for 15 of the last 20 years.

my last 3 however have finally given up the ghost after years of use and that left me in the same spot as OP. living in thailand with no retailers around for thousands of miles makes it difficult to shop for discs.

so, i ordered 3 more omega SS as i'm very comfortable with them, along with 3 of these mvp soft ions and 3 mpv soft anodes.

the box just arrived this morning. extremely pleased with the mpv plastic so far and i haven't even had a chance to throw them yet.
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Pick one with the coolest sounding name. /thread.
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Putt with your confidence.

Just get whatever feels best in your hand.
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I read a bit of your other thread. You said "discs are not like frisbees", which made me think you probably have experience throwing a Frisbee.

You might be interested in trying an Innova Sonic. They are very close to a Frisbee in flight and feel. They are also nice putters, especially for distance.
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1. Feel up a bunch of putters
2. Find one that feels good (preferably a stable putter - Aviar, Wizard, Judge, Pure, Magnet, Anode . . .)
3. Buy a stack of the same putter
4. Practice like crazy

Of the four steps, #4 is the most important. I will say something that you won't believe, but it is true - once you learn to putt well, nearly all putters fly the same within 25 feet or so.

From a fellow 50+ DGer, good luck!
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Originally Posted by Organicvoodoo View Post
Just get whatever feels best in your hand.
I agree. You are much better off trying to find a local shop or play around with the putters that your friends have. It's hard to just suggest a putter because some people can be particular when it come to bead size. I use to throw a Yeti Pro Avair because it's a great feeling disc. Then I wanted to try the Judges, but it didn't feel right in my hand. Now I'm using the PA4 mainly with a PA1 in the bag for windy days.
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Get a Spike.

Seriously though even though I'm biased and love my spike I would suggest the Pure. It is right smack in middle of rim depth on putters. If I didn't like my Spikes so much I would be using a Pure hands down.
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what is the flight path like for a Wizard compared to a KCP Aviar? Aren't the Wizzies what Nikko and hell, i think i even saw Will using them lately.
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