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Not me, I use fairway drivers more than distance drivers anyways.
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I have gone down to speed nine and below for bh, but my fh would suffer without the faster stuff.
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heck i lost one of my two distance drivers yesterday. it wouldn't affect my score but i would enjoy having my beast and avenger ss...once i buy another beast.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
...would your game suffer?

I never throw any, so I'd be set.

How 'bout you?
what classifies as a distance driver for you?
realistically a leopard or the like is a distance driver.
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i played in a tourney this past weekend, and every time i threw something faster than an orc (wraith, destroyer, nuke) i bogeyed that hole.

i think i should just take out all of my distance drivers.
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This really depends on course length and power level. Let's say you throw 300 feet with a Katana.

Your form may say
100% distance - speed 13
95% distance speed 11-12
90% distance speed 9-10
88% distance speed 7-8
85% distance speed 5-6
83% distance speed < 4

Well, if you go by that you can still throw 270-280 with mids and fairways, awesome.

But, if you throw 500', then you can only throw 440-460 without distance drivers.

You also have to consider wind and line shaping. Putters just don't move Left to right (or right to left) as fast as drivers.

If you are playing on courses with an average hole under 300, or a course without many uphills or downhills, you will do just fine.

If you are playing on a course average 425 with uphills and downhills, AND you have around 400' of power, you will suffer.

There is a reason that pro's throw faster discs. McBeth loves the Roc3 and can bomb it, but he also throws Tern's and other faster discs.

So, advanced players would suffer much more than beginners. Beginners and intermediates aren't ready to throw faster discs, they do better without them because they can't control them, not because the drivers aren't as useful.
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Also wind. Have fun throwing an aviar in the wind while I throw my giants.
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Uh, yeah. My game would be probably 3+ strokes per round worse... And thats assuming I can keep my pack of 4 gazelles. Basically everything over 320ish is getting a driver from me.
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I wouldn't have a putter.
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