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Practice multiple discs at a time or one mold at a time?

so i have been doing fieldwork with
5 comets
5 buzzzes
5 wizards
5 rr
5 teebirds

and other times i bring
5 destroyers
5 vulcans
5 firebirds
5 glow firebirds
5 z zones
5 buzzzes

now the question is would it be better to do lets say 15 of the same mold at a time and really learn each disc? or keep it the way i have been doing it. i seem to be improving but i feel i'm not focused with all the molds at once.

and yes i have way too much plastic.
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Please tell me you don't throw all 25-30 discs before going and retrieving them. I know I'd lose a disc or two doing that.
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this is in a field so i throw all 30 go get them and then throw back to the other side of the field.

do you think it is better to throw 30 buzzzx 10 reps a day vs the method i'm using?
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Field work is all I can do here in Baku, Azerbaijan. I contemplated the same thing. My usual routine involves a stack of similar discs - 10 Buzzz ss and 10 Buzzz, 10 Leopards- 10 eagle L or as many as I can find of each. I have a competition. What can one disc do that the other can not do. I want as few molds as necessary. Once that has been decided I move on to same mold -different plastics in various stages of wear. Basically working towards a complete bag without overlap. After 20 throws I go pick them up and walk to the other side of my gravel pit and repeat until my arm falls off.

My new routine starting next week will be a bit unusual. I have an upcoming tournament in late September. My idea is to use the course map, Google earth, and any pictures I can find to get the layout of each hole and recreate it in my field. Using rocks where trees are, mark any OB as best I can and use my bag where the basket will be. I will use the entire practice session playing hole #1. Next day I move to hole #2.. etc. So basically if hole #1 calls for a Wraith down the right side of the fairway, I'll throw every Wraith I have and play 10 different approaches.
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Having different molds is not much of a problem. Just practice with each mold what you would use it for in play.

For example throw 5 anhyzers with comet, then 5 straigth shots with buzzz, then 5 hyzers with buzzz. Then collect, then throw 5 straigth shots with comet, 5 flex annys with buzzz etc. Throw your eagles for the same line as your buzzes, but from 50 feet further out. Throw your destroyers the same from another 50 feet further out. At the end the discs should all be in the same spot. Find your own distances with every disc, and what lines you can shape with them.

As long as you have a plan, more discs never hurt.
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When I go to the field, I basically throw all the discs I can carry. Usually 30-50, but some times me and my friend have thrown 120-150 per rep. We really like throwing more than walking
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Personally, I find that if I get too locked into throwing one mold in my practicing over longer stretches of time, I find it a bit more difficult to switch from one shot or disc to another over the course of a round. Focusing in is important, but I'm presently trying to maintain enough variety in my practice routine to keep me fluid and flexible while playing rounds. Just a bit of food for thought.
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i'm going with 40 discs and starting flippy. so i'll stick with

until i feel i can throw clean or i anny everything if thrown hard. time to hyzer flip it good.
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Man you guys bring a lot of discs. I would definitely leave some behind if i did that. I usually just grab 5 or so out of my bag. All the Teebirds, all the Rocs, everything understable, etc.
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Whether or not to throw the whole bag really depends on what your trying to accomplish. If your working on form it might be best to stick to one stability, vs under, stable, and overstable. If your working on a type of shot like long hyzers or hyzer flips keep to discs that do that best. If your trying to learn a disc try to only throw said disc with another disc in the slot before or after it in stability to get a feel for its fit. But if you find yourself in a field with all your discs and an itch to throw, by all means throw all the discs.

It's benifical to do a "true practice", but throwing them all is satisfying.
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