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Also this is not an attempt to Obamaize disc golf, but it is a game, and games have rules. Discs can only be so big in diameter, rims only so wide, discs only so heavy. There are rules. Yes there should be very few laws in the real world, basically do whatever you want as long as what you are doing does not effect other people. Your freedom to stops right at the door of my freedom from. But this is a game! I'm sure these same arguments went on when people limited the number of ball golf clubs. I guess the better question is, what is a reasonable limit then? 20? Because I guarantee there will be a limit for tourney play at some point. It's a matter of when and how many.
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If I was basing it on my last round it should just be 13 Comets and call it a day

DX Leopard
Star Leopard
2 Pro Leopards

X Buzzz
Z Buzzz
Ti Buzzz
Flying Squirrel
X Comet
DX Shark

2x Whatever I am using at that point. Classic Judges, Eraser Wizard, Neutron Ion, Ringer, Pure...I haven't decided and have more stuff to try yet
1 SSSS or RFF Wizard for a shot that must stay at the basket (Soft Magnet right now I guess)

I don't own the floppy Wizard yet, so for now my Soft Magnet would probably have to fill in. This could shift in the near future as I need to try the Ringer and Pure out and the River, Tursas, Underworld, Fuse and Warship are all on my list too.
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I carry...

SSS Wizard X's 2
Champ Rhyno
Champ Cobra
Neutron Tangent
Star Roc+
Opto Saint x's 2
Champ Mamba x's 2
Champ Archon x's 2

Plus a few others I'm trying out, or cheap disc like a JLS. So I have 12 main discs in 8 different molds.
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The problem you run into in disc golf is that backups are very important. In ball golf you're not going to lose your club. In disc golf you can lose your disc, so you need to cover yourself on your major throwers.

However, differently seasoned discs of the same mold can take very different lines. So giving someone room for backups can give them discs that do different things.

I get the idea for a disc limit, but I don't know that it's that big of a deal.
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1.ss wizard (putting)
2. SS or Evo wizard (drives/ approach)
3. ss magic
4. bio suspect
5. 400 M4
6. z buzzz
7. S FD
8. Icon Rival
9. Sparkle Rival
10. Opto XXX
11. GL XXX
12. Champ tern
13. 400g D1
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I'll start being a proponent of some sort of restrictions when Rico shows up with 5 caddies carrying a bag apiece. Until someone starts really abusing the lack of disc limits, let the good times roll.

Emile Durkheim knew we'd make a disc limit.
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Zero Pure
Opto Pure
Zero Sinus
Super Singray
VIP Warship
Opto Pain
Opto Diamond
TP Underworld
TP Stag
Opto XXX
Blizzard Katana
GL Halo
Opto Villain
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Soft Magic
Medium Wizard

ESP Meteor
Z Buzzz
Z Buzzz

Champion Leopard
Star Teebird
Champion Eagle X

Star Wraith (seasoned)
Star Wraith
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Originally Posted by teemkey View Post
The difference of course, is that in ball golf you are not limited in the number of balls you can carry.
Not exactly true. In PGA events they have "The 1 Ball Rule". Basically players have to use the same type of ball for the entire round. Additionally, they must hole out using the same ball they teed off with.
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