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This is what I played my last round with.

1. Opto Saint
2. Opto River
3. Champion Teebird
4. Star Leopard (interchangeable with the River)
5. KC Pro Roc
6. DX Shark
7. McPro Aviar

And I have backups of these, plus some other miscellaneous stuff.
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Originally Posted by dashiellx View Post
Not exactly true. In PGA events they have "The 1 Ball Rule". Basically players have to use the same type of ball for the entire round. Additionally, they must hole out using the same ball they teed off with.
Yes, but they can carry 18 of those golf balls (or 118, or more, if they wanted to punish their caddie). And substitution of a ball is allowed if it becomes SEVERELY damaged during play. There's no limit on how many of that one kind of golf ball they can carry.

But yeah, the "one ball rule" prevents someone from using a "distance ball" on a par five, and a "spinny ball" on a par three (or something like that - the actual importance of the One Ball Rule has decreased quite a bit lately with urethane covered professional balls - it mattered a lot more when you had Pinnacle/Top-Flite vs. balata).

But that's almost like saying a disc golfer can carry as many minis as they want. Clubs == discs in this analogy. I'd be in favor of a limit to the number of discs a disc golfer can carry. 14 might even be a good number. Maybe 18, since disc golfers can lose discs more readily than a golfer can "lose" clubs. Maybe 20, but six have to be designated as "backups" that can only be used when a disc is lost.

But anyway, I like a limit.

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I usually only throw 13 or less discs.
3 Classic Judges
1 DX Roc
1 KC flat top Roc
1 Ti Wasp
2 Star Teebirds
1 Star Firebird
1 Lucid Renegade
2 Lucid Trespasses

And maybe a Saint but my Teebirds take that spot mostly
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10m brick
150 z flick

just need 4
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We should be allowed at least; 1 stable, 1 straight, and 1 understable each of driver, mid, and putter. So that's at least 9 discs.

But I like to carry a fairway driver for shots between a driver and mid. So we need to add 1 disc. Or maybe 3, so we can have stable, straight and understable fairway drivers too. So that's 10 (maybe 12) discs.

I don't like to throw my putting putter, so that's 11 (13) discs.

A super understable disc for rollers, 12 (14) discs.

A super overstable disc for head wind or forehand, 13 (15) discs.

So, 15 discs seems to represent all the throws in my bag and arm. (There would need to be a provision for replacing lost discs.)

We are playing against the course. I want all my tools to beat the course. I have never heard anyone say that they lost a tournament because their opponent was carrying more discs.
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DX Flattop ROC
DX Flattop ROC
SE Z Drone - utility disc
KC Pro Aviar-X
Medium Wizard - wind putter
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GL River
Star Teebird
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RFF Wizard
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Originally Posted by iacas View Post
Clubs == discs in this analogy.
I think discs = balls+clubs

Clubs give a shot shape, like discs. Balls determine lie, like discs.
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Maybe I'm not good enough for it to matter but I carry like 8-12 discs at any given time and I rarely think: "man if I just had this other disc". Granted I don't bother throwing max D drivers since I don't have the power to do it. So I could see needing 15-18. But for my level 13 is plenty.

Other thing is it's hard to lose a golf club. This system pretty much eliminates the ability to carry backups. I like the idea tho


Don't even know what else I'd carry besides backups
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In PGA events they have "The 1 Ball Rule". Basically players have to use the same type of ball for the entire round. Additionally, they must hole out using the same ball they teed off with.
I'm not familiar with that rule. The last time I played a PGA event you could change balls anytime you were allowed to pick up the ball. Generally on the green, but there are times (e.g. rain/mud) where you could pick your ball up to clean or replace it.
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