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Default How did you start playing?

Hey all, I poked around on the forums and never saw a thread like this. I feel like there has to be one though...

Anyways, I started playing in Tulsa, OK when I was 12. I went to Hunter Park with Lake Country Christian School to play in the splash park and we saw a guy tee off. We found a regular frisbee (a bad one at that). We asked our teacher if we could play and she said that we were going to leave soon but would come back the next day. None of us were smart enough to bring any more frisbees so six or seven of us took turns with one frisbee. On hole 7 we were trying to fish our one frisbee out of the creek and some DGers came over and said "Well, that isn't even the type of disc to use" and they tossed us a few discs. I caught a Discraft MRV with "Boone" written on it. Boone is my last name so I took it as a sign from God that I was to play Disc Golf. I have since glorified Him through playing and thoroughly enjoy doing so.

If anyone of the guys who tossed us the discs that day are on here, Thank you again for the introduction to this great sport!

So, how did you start playing?
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I had a friend suggest it as something different to do. I picked up a couple starter sets on my way to his house. I was instantly hooked.

I'd been playing catch/fetch with my dog for several years since it was the easiest way to wear him out (took two hours of it a day) so I had already worked out a ton of initial flaws in the field with him. I just wish I'd learned a backhand back then instead of going with the easier forehand.
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When I started college the dorms my buddy and I stayed in were across the street from a park with a 9 hole course so we picked up a couple of cobra's from academy sports and would play drunk late at night after the bars closed. Did that for about 2 years casually, then slowly started moving to daytime play and different innova discs that we were either gifted from generous players or found. We weren't very good and never took it seriously.

Once we moved out of the dorms I would play maybe once every two months as a day date with the ladies. Eventually moved to Yosemite national park and played a tone pole course in tuolumne meadows with a fellow employee. Loved it. Moved back to Louisiana were I started playing with another Yosemite 3-4 times a week at an 18 hole course. Thats when I really got hooked.
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My brother (who I work with) started playing with one of our coworker friends. They would always talk about it at work and want me to go play a round. I finally caved in, thinking it would be boring. It's funny, because I distinctly remember telling my wife, "I'm only gonna play once and probably never play again."
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met some new peeps, they played. i started playing, they beat the crap out of me. i got tired of that so i got better and beat the crap out of them. they quit and i'm addicted.
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A cousin discovered it---Lord knows how---and introduced my brother to it, who immediately introduced it to me. The cousin didn't stick with it, but the rest of my family.....

This was back in the mid-90s when there were 2 courses in the state, and there was only one other group that we ever saw at Earlewood. For a while, we had the impression that disc golf was unique to our town.
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Couple of buddies in high school played and sounded interesting so i went and bought a leo and aviar. Didnt play much my first year but that next year it was all over i was hooked
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My family and another were on a vacation on Kiawah Island. While two of us played the Ocean Course, the others played some disc golf there at Night Heron Park (a dinky nine-holer). We heard about the fun they'd had so we played after that. Gambling was involved, and I lost by a throw after my wife made a comment about my two-throw-through-four-holes lead.

That was almost exactly a year ago today.
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Friends took me out to play, I took a 3 on the first hole at Lover's Lane (420'+) and I was hooked. I shot somewhere around a 71 or 72 that round though.

The buddies that introduced me to it have sinced stopped playing, unfortunately
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What do you reckon the average rating of everyone's first course would be?

1.8 ?

Lots of people started out on dinky 9-holers.
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