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Not sure

Not sure where to have an intro, but I'll try here. I've been disc golfing for a week now. 5 outings in 7 days and I'm addicted. I started out because my 9yr old son showed an interest. Figured I could get a little exercise, spend quality time with him, and get outside. Other than a sore shoulder, I'm having a blast. I enjoy hiking in Oregon, but it can get boring. DG has cured the boredom. I'm learning quite a bit thanks to the DG community. Not as many snobs and a-holes as you find in the golfing world. All walks of life, all ages. Who can ask for anything better than a bunch of people finding common ground and having fun?

I've seen people playing for years and thought, "How stupid." Boy, was I wrong. Love, love love it. The only time I got a little watered off was when we went to a nearby park(city ordinance: no drinking, no smoking) and found bottles and butts everywhere. My son and I played there the next day armed with trash bags and cleaned house. What got me was there are buckets at every pad for litter. Why? Why throw your crap everywhere but the bucket? Nonetheless, we will keep a bag with us and continue to play there as it is 10-15 minutes away from home. Maybe one day people will get the hint.

Any who, I'm looking forward to picking up a few things here that might improve my abilities. Maybe one day, I might play in a tournament. Or, I can just enjoy the time with my son for years to come.
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That's a great intro. Welcome to the site. The time with your son is so important, and it's awesome you can share disc golf with him.
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Thanks for the welcome!
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Welcome to the site and the addiction!
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I hope one day soon that you AND your son get to play in a tournament together! My dad and I actually got to do this recently, and we both played int he same Division...I got on the lead card and he didn't but we still had a blast and he showed some of the young whippersnappers how to do it right!

As for the trash, that is a common problem and is endemic with what we refer to as "chuckers" a.k.a. guys (and some gals) who have no respect for the sport and are just there to drink and throw frisbees. The problem, if you could call it that, is the sport of disc golf needs their money so we can continue to grow. Luckily, most of them are easy to deal with aside from their d-bagesque facade so you and your son shouldn't have any problems on the course with them.

Also, look into any local clubs in your area. Clubs will have work days where they go to a course and clean it up, sweep teepads, repair broken chains, etc. The course you went to might not be on their radar or maybe they haven't had a work day there in awhile since it is still pretty early in the season. Join up with them, and help organize a work day at the course. Plus, you get to meet some cool people, make tons of new friends who are into what you are into and they can greatly help you improve your game. Most DGers (including myself) generally don't help adults unless they ask, but all DGers (in my experience) love to help kids play the game so the local club is a great thing for him too.

I fyour son really shows an aptitude for the game, you guys can also help bring the EDGE program to his school so all his friends and fellow classmates can learn as well!

All in all, welcome to the sport, welcome to the site and,most of all, welcome to FUN!
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Welcome... My story is very much like yours. I've been playing for about a month.. my son and I made our first trip to a DG course on a lark with a couple whamo-frisbees.

Like you, any excuse for me to get outdoors and hike through the woods is a good excuse.

As a newbie I cant offer much technical advice, but somewhere on this board I read a quote someone posted that said " He that has the most fun wins" I try to keep that in mind especially when I'm stomping through the underbrush and thorns looking for my disc..

all the best,
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Welcome to the addiction. Not sure how it happens, but it does. Got me 3 years ago, and I am still loving it.

You are always going to see some litter though. A lot of people are courteous and pic up behind others and take care of the course. But there is always someone that just doesn't think and throws crap on the ground.

I can't wait for my little ones to be big enough to start playing with me.
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Welcome to the site, and more importantly, welcome to the sport. Now get out there and spread the disc golf love!
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This is a great thread to answer any questions that you have when starting out.
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