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Originally Posted by HeavyCritters View Post
Easy Scorecard Pro is a must.
He has an iPhone, as far as I know it's not available for the iPhone. I would recommend Disc Golf Scorecard. Pretty simple app right now but the developer is good about adding functionality and updates.
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Frustrating that most of the recommended iOS disc golf apps require iOS 6 or later... I have an iPad 1 that still works great but Apple discontinued any iOS updates after 5.x for it.

Thinking of just getting a new iPod Touch or possibly a smaller Android device if I can find one that's not a phone (I don't carry cell phones).
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Has anyone tried to use Discasaurus?
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Originally Posted by HeavyCritters View Post
Easy Scorecard Pro is a must.
I agree because I use android. If I had an iphone, I'd probably go with the PDGA app just because it's from the PDGA.
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Originally Posted by smoothie View Post
Has anyone tried to use Discasaurus?
I use it just as a scorecard. I have not tried to upload to their website.
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UDisc is totall worth the $2.99. Great app and I use it all the time on Casual rounds.
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Originally Posted by KatanaFrenzy View Post
UDisc is totall worth the $2.99. Great app and I use it all the time on Casual rounds.
Broke down and got UDisc. I'm pretty impressed! It pulls up the course you're automatically, keeps score, but not only that - it knows who's teeing off first based on lowest score. It measures throws based on gps - (by which I found out I don't throw as far as I thought). What else do I need? Besides an app that will exaggerate my throwing distance by 50 ft
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I know it's been mentioned that Easyscorecard Pro is not available for the iphone but in case any andriod users are reading this I will second (or third) what was said about the app. It is very worth it. I had the free version for about a week and I decided to just buy it since the UI was so great and you can tell the developer is an avid DG'er the way the app is designed.

GPS is fun but not too important to me but what IS important to me is the statistics tracking this app offers. You can input things as Putts, fairway hits, G.I.R's, stableford scrores and a few other things. The more you input that type of info the more you can see the things you need to improve on. Also, you can take notes on each hole, input custom courses as well as multiple Tee locations with their corresponding distances, and many more offerings.

I know it sounds like i'm laying it on thick but for $3.99 you really can't go wrong with this app. I tried a few other apps and I cam from Discaddy, and this app is much better than that one. Udisc I never paid for the full app and I couldn't really do anything other than course mapping if I remember correctly. I may give it a shot but to be honest I am pretty set on this app.
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UDisc looks amazing. I just don't know if I like taking my phone out after every hole.
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I use UDisc and PDGA apps on my phone. For straight-up scorekeeping I like it better. Also PDGA lets you save courses, so you don't need signal to start a round. It also has ability to input hole data like length.

That said I really like UDisc for the ability to measure shots and the saved disc function. It is very nice to have a log of all my discs on my phone. As mentioned, inability to enter hole length or save courses are the two items that I dislike.
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