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Default Most courses played in a day?

The wife was out of town yesterday so I decided to take a road trip to Allentown PA area to play a few courses that I'd always wanted to. Started at 5:30 am and played Jordan Creek (awesome course). Then headed over to Lehigh on the recommendation of some locals I met there. Then some locals at Lehigh sent me over to South Mountain, who sent me over to Sellersville, etc. Before I knew it I played 9 courses by the time I ran out of water! I was only planning on playing 3 or 4 courses, but Allentown just has so many clustered together it makes it easy to hope from one to the next. It was probably one of the greatest days of my life (I know my life is sad). I'm pretty sore today, nine was a lot. What's the most you've done in a day?
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If you count courses with less than 18 holes, my fiancee and I have played 11 courses in a day. We've done 7 courses of 18 or more holes in a day as well.
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I just don't have the energy. The most I've done is 2 in a day, and I'm usually dragging pretty bad by the end of the second.
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Seven: Five 18s - Marty Carroll, Stable Run, Big Creek, Walnut Ridge, Grandveiw, one 12 Lions Park, and two times through a 9 hole VA in one day.

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I played three yesterday. A 18,9,7 and did it in about 3 hours. All first time courses. I have often debated trying this around dfw. The issue would be that many of the courses on the list would be 2 plus hour plays. Which means it would have to be done in summer for lights. Well 105 and 8-10 rounds of disc golf is just way too much without getting dehydrated or terribly burned here
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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
We've done 7 courses of 18 or more holes in a day as well.

WOWWW! That's impressive. What courses were they and what time of year??

I love playing all day, but I feel like I might have a hard time doing that by myself, let alone with my girlfriend
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There's a tournament in Raleigh every year where you play 8 courses, 18 holes each, in one day. Over 100 miles of driving from course to course by the time you're done.

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Seven, I think?
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4 for me. All 18's.
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The Allentown area does have a great little cluster of courses. The most I've played in one day was Coyote Hills which btw is incredibly underrated, Whispering Falls, Poor House Farm, Jim Barnett, Sherando, Signal View, Franklin Park, and a buddy's private course called Cherokee Trails. So eight courses in one day and a couple of those courses we played more than 18 holes, so i ended up playing close to 200 holes that day.
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