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Most people only ever have one "1st" disc, so yeah, it's sad to lose that. You're only 2 months in, so that helps. I still have my 1st disc, a Saturn stamp Comet, and it's always been in my bag until recently, as i've decided I don't want to risk cracking it on a tree, and I have plenty of esp back-ups now.
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I've lost five discs in almost three years of playing, but nothing stung worse than losing my Illusion on my birthday. It was a solo round, and I went home at the 12th hole after an hour long search. Still pissed off about it, and that was over a year ago. Grrrrr.
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I've lost one so far(into a tree, 100' high, never seen since), but the record that I've seen is 6 in two rounds(water baby). Got a stable floater for those shots now.
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I've lost 3 neutron volts, 4 neutron amps, and 2 first run Shocks in the last 6 months. I'm ready to give upon drivers lol.
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I just lost a disc last week in the worst of ways... I threw an extra throw with my Mamba on 18 at the course and it was one of my furthest drives I have thrown but it ended up going a little too far right. It ended in an open grassy area and I just forgot to pick it up . My favorite disc. Blue metal flake champion...
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I feel for you. I just started playing about 2 months ago as well. I actually started playing with 2 different friends giving me a disc each. One was a Millennium JLS and the other a DX Valkyrie. I lost them both unfortunately. One of the second time playing in the middle of a completely opaque muck of a pond. The white valkyrie DX sort of morphed. I tossed it into some brush. When I went to the spot I thought I tossed it I found a white Orion LF..... O.o

My friends and I spent another hour looking for that valkyrie and never found it. The Orion LF was unmarked so I kept it. I also lost a Blizzard Vulcan. Luckily someone found it and decided to call me on it as I had marked that one with my info unlike the other two.

Since then I haven't lost any more discs yet. A couple of almost lost discs but managed to find them eventually. I have found about 5 discs that were unmarked and 2 others that were marked. I gave the marked ones back to their owners. One guys told me that the disc I found he lost like 2 years ago in another part of the state! O.o Guy was so happy to actually have someone call him to give it back.
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Jrp will do that man, a lot of good people will return discs out there though, I just got a halo back I lost last summer
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I've been playing for a year. I average playing 2-4 days a week. I've lost 3 discs.

The first disc I ever bought. A beautiful orange Avenger SS with a dark blue stamp. Giant cluster of disc eating bushy trees at Bradford #11.

The second was a black SSS Magic. Left in basket #9 at Reedy.

The last and the one that hurt the most was a custom dyed ESP Avenger to look like Captain America shield. Lost driving it at non disc golf park in completely open field. I think some young childrens stole it.
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I lost my first disc last week with a noob anhyzer. Luckily I had not had time to fall in love the the tee bird yet. Went 20 feet I to the drink and not knowing the lake said, screw it. $8 only.

Then my last round I relearned that my 152g DC leopard is an awesome roller. My 170g Leo, not so much but that one loves to roll . . . . . Into the lake. Only 2 feet off shore. Retrieved to roll again.

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Originally Posted by jkdisc View Post
you're gonna lose this thread when it ends up in the mega thread
As predicted, this has pretty much turned in to "I lost a disc today/last week, etc) thread.
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